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Idahosa’s Gauntlet Over 8 Months of Oba of Benin’s Allocation Withheld by Obaseki, By John Mayaki

  • Will Mr. Governor also Withhold Our N5 Billion Subsidy Palliatives?
  • Take Heed, Idahosa, Take Heed! Idahosa, Watch Your Back!!

This morning, I stumbled upon a video by one of my leaders, Dr. Ehiogie West Idahosa, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a passionate Benin native where he asserted that it is high time for the state government to release the appropriate allocation to the Benin traditional council, headed by the Oba of Benin.

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Dr. Idahosa emphatically stated that enough is enough, and that he found no rationalization for the actions of Governor Godwin Obaseki. He pointed out that prior to Obaseki’s regime, various governments—be it colonial, military, or civilian—had fulfilled their mandates, particularly in relation to the traditional council. He cautioned the Obaseki-led government that withholding the allocation intended for the Oba of Benin could lead to public discontent against the government.


His words, “My advice, based on the information we have, is for the allocation to be duly released. The government’s role is not to manage traditional councils and politics. Instead, it is the government’s duty to support traditional authorities, as they play a vital role in maintaining peace and tranquility within the state”, he spoke so passionately.

Dr. Idahosa expressed concern that the governor’s actions are becoming unacceptable. He emphasised his dissatisfaction and the expectation that reason should prevail. While questioning the justification behind denying the traditional council their entitlement, particularly in the case of the Oba of Benin, whose throne has a history of over 2,000 years, he stressed the importance of heeding his advice to avoid continued discontent.

Will Mr. Governor also Withhold Our N5 Billion Palliatives?

Ah, what a splendid display of governance acumen we have witnessed! The honorable Governor, a maestro of decision-making, has revealed a remarkable strategy. Behold, the artistry of withholding funds intended for the esteemed Oba of Benin and the venerable traditional council! Such cunning finesse surely sparks our admiration.

Now, if this astute tactician can artfully navigate the waters of withholding from royalty, it naturally ignites curiosity. Can we, the humble citizens, dare to hope that our dear Governor will exercise a similar restraint when it comes to N5 billion subsidy palliatives and other essential sustenance bestowed upon us by the benevolent federal government? A conundrum indeed!

Oh, but let us not overlook the wise oracle, Ehiogie West Idahosa, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, who spoke with a sagacity unparalleled. He expressed the very fears that flutter like startled birds within our hearts. A flutter, a quiver—how shall we rest, knowing that the governor’s artistic withholding could extend beyond royalty?

Dear Governor, you have unveiled a masterpiece—a glimpse into a world where allocations dance on strings, swaying to a rhythm we mortals can only marvel at. Will the palliatives be the next act in your grand symphony? We hold our breaths, knowing that if you can withhold from the esteemed Oba, the realm of possibilities is endless.

So, as we bask in the glow of your tactical prowess, let us ponder the question that lingers like a fleeting thought: Shall the curtain rise on a show where subsidy palliatives and sustenance await their cue? Will the grand stage host yet another masterpiece, orchestrated by the maestro of withholding himself? Only time will tell, dear citizens, only time will tell.

Take heed, Idahosa, take heed!
Idahosa, watch your back!!

Ah, the valiant Ehiogie West Idahosa, a pillar of unyielding courage and unassailable integrity! You, dear sir, have embarked on a journey that few dare to tread. Brace yourself, for you are about to encounter a grand spectacle, a torrent of insults from the Governor’s camp that shall leave even the most eloquent orators in awe.

Prepare your ears, Mr. Idahosa, for the barrage of inventive accusations that shall be orchestrated by the Governor’s handlers. Like a conductor leading a masterful concerto, they will unveil a crescendo of attacks, a marvel of spun narratives that might even attempt to dent your hard-earned image.

Oh, but take heed, for you may likely stand alone. As the spotlight shines on you, an army of intimidation shall march forth, daring any soul to question the Governor’s ways. They shall wield their verbal weapons with crudity, and they shall quell any whisper of dissent that dares to rise. Watch your back, the enemies of a man are members of his own household, Senior Advocate. Take heed!

Oh, Mr. Idahosa, it is only right to sympathize with you as you brace for the onslaught. Your mere act of questioning, of daring to raise your voice against the mighty, has set a challenge before the titans of power. The waves of criticism, accusation, and defamation shall crash upon your shores.

Anyways, fear not, for your courage will be your shield, and your convictions, your armor. You have entered a battlefield where words are wielded like swords, and you, sir, are no stranger to the art of discourse.

As the crescendo of inventive allegations builds, remember that your voice echoes the sentiments of many, resonating through the corridors of truth and justice. Brace yourself, Mr. Idahosa, for the storm is upon you. But worry not, for your resilience shall weather the tempest, and your legacy shall stand as a testament to the strength of one who dared to question the mighty – Governor Godwin Obaseki.

So, in a bold and audacious move, Idahosa has flung down the gauntlet, raising a resounding voice against the backdrop of 8 months of withheld allocation meant for the revered Oba of Benin by Governor Obaseki. As the challenge reverberates, one can’t help but ponder: if the governor can withhold such esteemed funds, will the same fate befall the eagerly anticipated N5 billion subsidy palliatives from President Bola Tinubu’s government? The citizens gaze upon this unfolding drama with a mix of curiosity and concern, as the echoes of Idahosa’s call to action reverberate: “Take heed, Idahosa, take heed!” Yet, in this charged atmosphere, caution is paramount, and the whisper lingers: “Idahosa, watch your back!”

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