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Ibadan Explosion: How Oyo Oba Escaped Death

WHAT appeared like a little misunderstanding between an Ibadan Oba and his wife later turned out to be a victory song for them following an explosion that rocked Ibadan, the Oyo state capital last Tuesday.

Govt identifies culprits in Ibadan explosion, promises justice

It claimed some lives and several property. Governor Seyi Makinde, who visited the scene of the explosion confirmed that illegal miners who stored explosive devices in their houses were responsible for the explosion. A relation of the Oba, Mr Akerele Alabi Ogun who narrated the king’s story to Saturday Vanguard said, “before the unpleasant explosion on Tuesday, the wife of one of the Obas crowned by the Olubadan, had prepared rice for dinner, expecting her husband to arrive home. But, when the Oba arrived home, he disappointed his wife who had prepared a delicious meal of rice and tasty stew for him by saying he didn’t want rice but would prefer beans instead.


“Both the Oba and the wife dragged the issue for a long time. The wife who is aged reportedly appealed to him saying, ‘please manage this rice for tonight, it will be a little bit late for me to be preparing beans now’. This still didn’t go down well with the Oba who insisted on having his request obeyed. The wife, not wanting to annoy her husband then agreed to cook beans and they were both sitting in the living room”.

“When the beans was half done, the Oba had started dozing off but the wife managed to keep him awake by engaging him in discussion and requested for more time for the beans to be done. But when the Oba could no longer keep himself awake, he told his wife he was going to bed and would not eat again. The wife bluntly refused, complaining why he would make her suffer for nothing despite the fact that she advised against cooking beans.

“She then said she would never allow the Oba to go to bed without eating the beans she had taken pains to prepare. As they were dragging this, there was a deafening blast which sent them to different directions. Both however managed to escape.

“When the dust settled, it was later discovered that a very large broken concrete had fallen on the same bed the Oba was to have slept on if his wife had not fought to stop him from going to bed. It then dawned on them that the insistence of the wife to ensure that her husband did not go to bed had saved his life”.

Mr Ogun, however, did not disclose the name of the Oba who is one of the Obas within the 11 local government areas of Ibadan. He said, “I was not granted permission to share the story but I think no harm has been done since I didn’t mention the Oba’s name or his local government”.

The Oba is said to be preparing for a special thanksgiving to appreciate God for sparing his life.

PDP Governors condole govt, people of Oyo

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum (PDP-GF), under the Chairmanship of Senator Bala Mohammed, the Governor of Bauchi State, has extended its heartfelt sympathy to the government and people of Oyo State over the explosion in Ibadan, the state capital which led to loss of lives and destruction of property. This was contained in a statement signed by the Director General of the PDPGF, Hon. C.I.D. Maduabum, in Abuja, on Friday.

The governors described loss of lives and property as a result of the incident as regrettable.

They said, “The Forum is saddened by this painful loss, impacting not only the Government and the people of Oyo State but also the entire country. “Our heartfelt condolences go to the families of victims who lost their beloved ones, and we pray that all who sustained various levels of injuries would have a speedy recovery.

“We commend Gov. Makinde’s swift response to the incident and are confident that he will deliver on his promise to bring justice to victims by ensuring that all parties indicted in the investigation into the matter are brought to book.

“To this end, we urge the security agencies and regulatory authorities in charge of mining and explosives to step up action to ensure that this type of incident does not reoccur.

“Governor Makinde’s actions so far, especially in ensuring that those in need of medical attention receive it at no cost, demonstrate the Governor’s love and resolute interest in the welfare and well-being of the entire people of Oyo State. “The Forum assures the Government and people of Oyo State of its unwavering support.”

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