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I Have Never Met Anyone Who Smokes Weed Like Burna Boy – Ed Sheeran

GRAMMY-winning British singer, Ed Sheeran, has shared an encounter he had with Afrobeat superstar, Burna Boy.

The singer disclosed that he has never met anyone who smokes as much weed as Burna Boy.

He spoke on Burnas’s smoking escapade during the latest episode of the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast.


The ‘Shape Of You’ crooner recounted walking into the studio and getting confused by the air pollution of Burna Boy’s smoking.

Ed Sheeran stated that Burna Boy’s weed smoking is the most weed he had ever seen anyone ingest.

He said, “There’s an artist that I work quite a lot with called Burna Boy. I would say he is… That’s the most I’ve seen anyone ingest weed.

“He came to the studio, and I had a gig late on in the night. And it was very much chilled there [the studio], the door was closed. It was just smokes, smokes, smokes. And I remember walking in there to get a thing. It felt like I was not quite there [laughs].”

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