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Heirs Technologies empowers youths to reduce tech-talent attrition in Nigeria

HEIRS Technologies, a digital solutions company, says it has started empowering young tech enthusiasts through its i-Academy initiative to mitigate tech-talent attrition in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer, Heirs Technologies, Mr Obong Idiong, said this at a media briefing on Wednesday in Lagos.

He said the six months’ training programme would provide young tech enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge needed to launch a successful career in the technology industry.


Idiong also noted that the company was targeting 100 interns this year as against only 30 youths that were trained last year.

“Students will learn front end software development, backend software development and additional soft skills in a hybrid learning approach,” he said.

According to Idiong, as part of the curriculum, interns are exposed to real-life applications and projects.

He added that during the projects, the company ensures interns are well-equipped to design programmes both individually and in teams.

On community engagement, Idiong said the company was partnering indigenous organisations, schools and others to address community needs.

“We plan to offer basic or introductory training programmes for employees and local communities in the long run.

Speaking on local content, the managing director said Heirs was looking at multiple strategies to see the indices that could be substituted.

“If you look at the fintech space in Nigeria, we are doing a lot. We have local solutions that address some of the challenges in that space.

“We are looking at what we can do differently. We are trying to substitute foreign providers with our local providers in Nigeria.

“Heirs Technology is not here to do things that others are doing, we want to build something that will really change the game and add value to businesses,” Idiong said.

He added that Heirs was focusing on enabling local and multinational companies through local solutions.

Idiong said Heirs had plans to supervise talents that understood the business landscape.

“We are also establishing clear business ethics and transparency in communication of business operations and implementing sustainable practices, reduce waste and promote energy efficiency.

On other services rendered, Idiong said the company ‘s IT consulting services was aimed at helping businesses improve their operations, by advising them on how to use Information Technology (IT) effectively.

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