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Governor Wike To Rivers Voters: Trust My Chosen Presidential Candidate

RIVERS Governor Nyesom Wike has told the people of the State to trust him in the choice of presidential candidate they should vote for on Saturday.


The Governor insisted the choice already made by stakeholders was done with the interest of the state at heart.

Wike said he would not mislead the people maintaining that he would continue to protect the interest of the State at all times.

The Governor spoke on Thursday while inaugurating some critical road projects in Port Harcourt Local Government Area.

The first project inaugurated by the Governor at the Ojoto Roundabout in Mile 2 Diobu in Port Harcourt was the dualized Azikiwe/Iloabuchi Road.

Others were the reconstructed Edeokia/Femie/ Aeroplane Drive/Okuru Junction to Abuloma Jetty Road, which took place at the Aeroplane Drive junction in Abuloma community.

He said: “When you have an opportunity when the people give you their confidence, you must also make them happy. How do you make them happy? It is by making sure you provide them with things that change their environment, with things that will better their lives, with things that will improve economic activities in their area.”

Wike reiterated that Rivers had offered him bounteous opportunities to accomplish so much in his private and political life.

The Governor said, for such benevolence, he was eternally indebted to the State and would protect its interest in all his life.

He emphasised that nothing would make him to sell the state for anything, not also for a pot of pottage like others who only sought personal benefits.

He said: “I am sure the people of this area will continue to remember what this road looked like. If I were you, I would take the old picture of this Iloabuchi road and the new one, and put it in your house. When you wake up, you look at what it was and what it is now.

“For what Rivers State has given me, I owed them (Rivers people) a lot in my life and I will continue to protect their interest. I am not going to sell Rivers State to anybody for a pot of porridge.

“And that is why if I tell you this is the right place, know it is the right place. I am not going to deceive you. I am not one of those leaders who are running around for their personal interest.”

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