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Google’s Hustle Academy Returns: AI boost For African SMEs

IN a bid to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across sub-Saharan Africa, Google’s Hustle Academy has returned for 2024 with a renewed emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), revolutionising the way African entrepreneurs navigate the digital landscape.

Since its inception in 2022, the Hustle Academy has served as a critical catalyst for SME growth in the region, addressing the challenges faced by African businesses, including limited access to funding and essential skills. The relaunched programme, now integrating AI education, promises to equip entrepreneurs with advanced tools and strategies vital for business success in the digital age.


Kristy Grant, Head of B2B Marketing for sub-Saharan Africa at Google, highlighted the transformative potential of AI for African SMEs. ‘AI holds immense potential for African SMEs,’ Grant stated. ‘By incorporating AI into our curriculum, we aim to equip SMEs with the tools they need to drive innovation, boost efficiency, and unlock new levels of economic growth.’

The revamped 2024 curriculum of the Hustle Academy features cutting-edge AI modules tailored to assist businesses in making data-driven decisions, optimising operations, and crafting AI-powered marketing strategies. Participants will engage in hands-on training to harness AI technologies effectively, enabling them to save time, increase productivity, and elevate their digital outreach.

The impact of the Hustle Academy since its inception has been significant, with over 10,000 businesses benefitting from the programme and reporting improved access to funding and job creation.

This initiative underscores Google’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving economic growth across sub-Saharan Africa through innovative educational initiatives tailored to the region’s specific needs and challenges.

Applications for the 2024 cohort of Hustle Academy are now open to SMBs based in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The programme, scheduled to run throughout the year, offers a unique opportunity for African entrepreneurs to gain a competitive edge in leveraging AI for business growth.

For more information about the programme and to apply, interested SMEs can visit the official Google Hustle Academy website.

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