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Full List Of Countries That Have Restricted, Banned Binance

At least 19 countries have restricted or banned the popular global cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance.

Trojan News reports that in Nigeria and some countries, Binance has been accused of fixing exchange rates and engaging in illegal transactions.

Like other governments around the world, the Nigerian government has been investigating money laundering and terrorism financing transactions perpetrated on the currency exchange platform.


The federal government also accused and charged Binance of evading tax, failing to register with the Federal Inland Revenue Service  (FIRS) and currency speculation.

The Nigerian government had requested at least $10 billion as retribution from Binance for profiting from “its illegal transactions” in Nigeria.

Following the development, the Nigerian government also arrested the two Biance executives and seized their International passports as part of a broader clampdown on crypto platforms.

A Federal High Court in Abuja ordered Binance Holdings Limited to provide the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) with the comprehensive data or information of all persons from Nigeria trading on its platform.

Below is the list of countries that have banned or restricted Binance.

1. United Kingdom
2. Japan
3. Italy
4. Canada
5. Belgium
6. Nigeria
7. Australia

8. India
9. Netherlands
10. Thailand
11. Philippines
12. Germany
13. France
14. Bangladesh
15. Iran
16. Vietnam
17. Kazakhstan
18. Malaysia
19. China.

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