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FLASHBACK: Unraveling The Narrative: Nyesom Wike’s Truth Amidst Disputed Claims In Obaseki’s Political Journey Within The Peoples Democratic Party

By: Engr. Sammy Osarenmwinda Ajayi

READING an article filled with ingratitude and false propaganda by one Mike Enahoro is disheartening. In Nyesom Wike’s remarks about Gov. Godwin Obaseki, what misinformation did Wike convey? Why do supporters of Gov. Obaseki seem to avoid the truth and often portray it as false? Whenever I come across posts from Gov. Obaseki’s supporters, it appears they either distort the truth or spread fake rumors. Nyesom Wike’s statements in the video align with what actually occurred, and we all witnessed it.

These questions are seeking an answer from Gov. Obaseki’s boys attempting to discredit Wike’s statements.


1. Wasn’t Goodwin Obaseki ousted out from APC by the party leadership?

2. Didn’t Godwin Obaseki seek PDP’s refuged when PDP were already preparing for primaries?

3. Wasn’t Rt. Hon Ogbeide Ihama a prominent and PDP leading aspirant before Obaseki sought refuge in the party and beg for the ticket?

4. Didn’t Obaseki visit Wike in Rivers multiple times before gaining acceptance in PDP?

5. Wasn’t Wike present in Edo during the governorship election, where Obaseki acknowledged God’s use of Wike in his victory?

6. Didn’t Obaseki hold a meeting with PDP national leaders and governors at the Rivers State Government House seeking acceptance?

7. Didn’t prominent Edo elder statesmen urged Ogbeide-Ihama to step down for Obaseki to represent the PDP in the election?

8. After the election, didn’t Obaseki and his wife express gratitude by visiting Wike in Rivers for his crucial role in his reelection?

Wike stands firm that he has spoken nothing but the truth.

It’s unfortunate that some individuals are ungrateful and fail to honor agreements. They make promises during times of need but abandon them once their goals are achieved. What’s even more disheartening are Obaseki supporters and social media users spreading falsehoods without knowing the facts, perhaps motivated by personal gain as Special Assistants (SAs) and Senior Special Assistants (SSAs).

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