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FG Charges Oil Companies To Adopt Safety Standards For Divers

Labour ministry awards civil servants for hard work, dedication

THE Federal Government has called on international oil companies and contractors in marine sector to adopt safety standard’s operating procedures for divers who work for them.

Mr Ismaila Abubakar, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment made the call on Thursday in Abuja, at the maiden edition of a summit to create awareness on diving regulations.


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports the summit was themed,“Improving the Diving Industry”,

Abubakar said the summit intend to create awareness on diving regulations, applicable fees and standard operating procedures in order to avoid accidents.

According to him, “the ministry is aware of some of the unethical and reckless practices by individuals and organisations going on in the diving industry.

“This has adversely threatens the integrity of the Nigeria diving profession and these “quacks” jeopardize the safety of those who place their trust in them.

“It is also unfortunate that some professionals aid and abet these entities and their reckless actions, such as failing to properly plan dives, monitor dive equipment, among others can lead to catastrophic.s

He said the consequences of the unethical practices included injuries such as decompression sickness, and fatalities.

The Permanent Secretary said that the ministry was collaborating with the National Association of Professional Divers (NAPROD) to ensure professionalism in diving profession.

He also noted that the ministry was hoping to expand the membership of the Diving Governing Board in order to foster collaboration and strengthen the effectiveness of regulatory monitoring amongst stakeholders.

”This synergy shall therefore promote the seamless enforcement of the diving codes of practices, guidelines, standard operating procedures and certifications that define the profession’s highest standards of practice.

To the operators and contractors, I urge strict adherence to due process, Secure all necessary approvals and permits before any diving operation is undertaken within any Nigeria territorial waters.

“Ensure your dive plans meets or surpass regulatory requirements, calculate gas requirements, bottom times, and decompression stops based on the dive profile.

“Verify that all equipment’s like diving helmets, umbilical, air panels and compressors meet safety specifications.

“These measures safeguard the lives of personnel and operational integrity,”he said.

He also warned against the use of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) diving equipment for commercial diving operations within Nigerian territorial water.

He however, implored all stakeholders to adhere to the prescribed standards and utilize the appropriate equipment designed explicitly for commercial diving endeavors. (NAN)

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