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Eswatini Releases Updated Accreditation List For Informed Student Registrations

  • Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC) publishes a revised list of 50 accredited higher learning institutions to support parents during student registration. The council emphasises the need to verify accreditation and programme offerings for quality education. ESHEC’s cautionary note follows an incident where students faced issues due to misrepresentation of accreditation status by an institution

IN an effort to streamline the student registration process, the Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC) has released an updated list featuring 50 accredited higher learning institutions. This move is designed to assist parents in making informed decisions during the registration period.

ESHEC, tasked with developing and implementing a quality assurance system for higher education in Eswatini, has been meticulous in upholding standards outlined in the Higher Education (General) Regulations of 2016 and the Higher Education Act of 2013. Institutions may be granted provisional authority for a maximum of two years, with full registration given to those meeting the set quality standards.

Mihla Khumalo, ESHEC’s Advocacy and Communications Officer, emphasised the importance of checking both the institution’s accreditation and the programmes offered. Khumalo cautioned parents to remain vigilant during the registration process, noting that some courses have been suspended even at accredited institutions.


The cautionary note stems from an incident involving seven students from Xtreme Training and Conferencing Academy. The students took legal action after discovering that the institution had misrepresented its accreditation status with ESHEC. This misrepresentation resulted in the students investing in tuition for courses that did not lead to immediate employment, as promised.

ESHEC’s proactive approach in updating the accreditation list and issuing warnings reflects its commitment to ensuring that parents and students have accurate information to make well-informed decisions regarding higher education in Eswatini. As the student registration period unfolds, ESHEC encourages thorough verification to uphold the standards of quality education in the country.

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