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Ensure Aziegbemi’s Release Now Or The World Will Hear From Us, By Mike O. Enahoro

AS far as I am concerned, his kidnap is now more of political than normal….

First and foremost, I want to say this is not a threat but a warning to all. Working with very selfish people is the most insulting thing to do. It is unfortunate that we found ourselves in where we are today.

I am no longer comfortable with the delay in the return of the Chairman of the Edo State Branch of the People’s Democratic Party, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi who was kidnapped after he was pressured to agree to a running mate for Barr. Asue Ighodalo.


What most people do not know is that Dr. Tony Aziegbemi is my very good friend and we share a lot of things in common in terms of how our party must move forward all the time. Some of us are no longer taking this kidnap as normal. Whether or not the Government is saying it is not political, as a son of the Most High God, I want to say with authority that it is political.

God is my witness, within the last seven days, Aziegbemi has spoken with me twice in the spiritual realm. He is fine no doubt but remaining in captivity is no longer acceptable. And I am saying this because God has permitted me to say it. If the State Chairman is not released between now and Wednesday, some of us will start asking some questions that must be answered. It is so sad that the State Chairman will be coming from the Government House after a meeting with the Governor only to be kidnapped as he was about to enter his house.

Let me warn everyone. PDP will not win the next election for the tricks being orchestrated by a certain cabal in PDP. If you all remember, I did predicted that until a Deputy is nominated, the crisis in the PDP will remain. That is exactly what has happened. The State Chairman was not kidnapped by random kidnapping. Kidnapping within the town is rare in Edo State.

Let me repeat, if by Wednesday, Aziegbemi is not returned unhurt, it will be difficult to bring PDP back united. I am very sure some of you do not know that some of us are behind getting PDP united. The work some of us have done behind without giving it any publicity cannot be paid for.

You guys can continue to underrate us. The State Chairman’s kidnap will backfire. I know the role some of us played to ensure that the planned removal of the State Chairman was made fruitless years back. I know why some of us have remained calm since this kidnap as well. I nor be ordinary human being. The State Chairman’s kidnap is now getting irritating to me. Those who pressured the State Chairman to agree on some things will have to win the election themselves if nothing is done.

Finally, let me warn everyone. Everything about Edo PDP has to wait till Aziegbemi is returned. Anyone in doubt should try nonsense.

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