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Enough Of The Impunity Of BEDC, They Must Reconnect Those Hotels In Benin City Disconnected Against A Court Order

  • It was the late Thomas Payne ,the American nationalist, that said
  • In a monarchy, the King is the Law , in a democracy, the Law is the King

THOSE operating in Edo State take Edo People for granted , because they perceive Edo People are quiet .They mistake the niceness of Edo People for weakness.

The Hon Justice B.O. Quadri of Federal High Court 1,Benin City in *FHC/B/C/43/2024 :Canda World & 21 others v Benin Electricity Distribution Company Ltd gave an Interin Injunction restraining the BEDC and NERC from disconnecting any consumer based on the new tariff, pending the Hearing and determation of the Motion on Notice, ,which was slated for yesterday. Due to service issues the matter is now adjourned to this coming Monday and the BEDC went ahead with impunity and disdain for the Courts to disconnect the plaintiffs and Supporters , while there is an order for them not to do so .Are we in Banana Republic ?This is a Society of Law and Order and BEDC must conform to the Court order; otherwise,else how will they feel if their officials are chased with cutlasses ?(Which I will never subscribe to ), but that is what BEDC wants by their actions of disobeying a valid court order .

Laws are Laws and they must be adhered to.There is no alternative to Law and Order the alternative is the ENDSARs like scenario, and that is where BEDC is heading to by their actions.God forbide we see another ENDSARS or END BEDC and God Forbide the day BEDC will disobey court orders and playing God over our lives in the face of law .Instead of this to happen the Federal Government should revoke their licenses .Power resides with the people .The day you ignore the people, you ignite another ENDSARS or END BEDC,EKDC,PEDC,EEDC,etc.


What BRDC has done is an invitation to anarchy .They can not attempt this in Delta State , Bayelsa State or Rivers State.Dem don see is finished. There is a Benin proverb that says *It is how you perceive tap water that you channeled it into your house,can you channel a river into your house ?

BEDC is not a law unto itself .It is an organisation governed by our laws .Edo People may be nice ,but they are not stupid. BEDC Must reconnect the electricity supply of all those hotels involved immediately.Workers are already being laid off and supliiers are being owed, because of BEDC Oppresive activities. officials of the BEDC must also bear the brunt of the Law .The Law is not a joke .It can bark and bite .The wheel of justice grinds slowly ,but surely.

Reconnect all the hotels you disconnected this weekend now .An injury to one is an injuryto all .

The Late American Civil Rights said Martin Luther King 11 said :

Peace is not just the absence of war, but the Presence of Justice

-Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.,
Convener ,
Security Situation Room.

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