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EDO2024: The Beautiful One Is Coming

“The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born” is a novel by a Ghanaian writer, Ayi Kwei Armah, wherein he expresses his disgust on the situation prevalent in Ghana during its first republic.

With months melting into weeks and weeks into days– moving us faster than expected towards 2024, is there any hope that a beautiful one will emerge to reset Edo State for sustainable development in juxtaposition with expansion of current efforts?


Beautiful one, in this context means a leader that understands Edo State and the needs of the people. One that has no pretended attitude towards our desires, wishes and aspirations; one that understands that the distribution of social and economic advantages is verged on fairness, inclusivity, equity and justice.

We don’t need to search too far and hard to see the beautiful one that is coming. He is (Dr) Efosa Dorry Okojie. For now, he is in the womb of the collective expectations of majority of Edo people– and has some months away to be born to redesign a developmental masterpiece on the canvass of Edo history.

He appreciates the tasks ahead, requiring that all sectors–agriculture, infrastructures, health care, functional education etc etc are given the attention in line with contemporary civilization.

Against this backdrop, let’s unite and support (Dr) Efosa Dorry Okojie as Governor, Edo2024.

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