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Edo Poll: Fayemi Slams Oshiomhole Over Alleged Attempt To Foist Candidate

KAYODE Fayemi, the Ex-Governor of Ekiti State, has strongly criticized Adams Oshiomhole for reportedly attempting to enforce a gubernatorial candidate on the party in Edo state.

Edo poll: Fayemi slams Oshiomhole over alleged attempt to foist candidate

“Earlier, Oshiomhole had attempted to eliminate some aspirants from contesting the primaries but failed. This is reminiscent of his high-handedness as national chairman when he manipulatively schemed Governor Godwin Obaseki out of the electoral process. That action led to the unfortunate loss of Edo State by the APC,” Fayemi said.


“It would appear the ground was being prepared by Oshiomhole yet again for the APC to lose the coming election in Edo State because of his unconscionable behaviour.

“However, the party has demonstrated independence and impartiality in cancelling and reordering the primaries.

“We hope the fresh primaries will now take place in an atmosphere deemed free and fair by all, for the sake of our great party.

“Oshiomhole may decide to support any of the aspirants if he chooses not to be neutral but the process must be open, free, and transparent, following the laid down rules.

“My interest is the APC and the party must put its best foot forward in the forthcoming elections.”

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