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Edo Cultism: 13 Deaths Recorded in One Week As Aye, Maphite Confraternity Clashes

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Eben Enasco Reporting

BENIN City and its environs have witnessed a surge in cult-related violence, resulting in over 13 deaths in the past week.


The renewed clashes are believed to be between the Aye and Maphite Fraternities, with commercial activities significantly impacted.

The violence is reportedly linked to the one-year remembrance of an Aye Confraternity member, “Osa Technical”, killed by Maphite Confraternity in 2023.

The Aye group sought revenge, leading to a series of attacks and counter-attacks.

They were said to have gone after a Manphite member at the Ekiadolor Community when they could not find their target immediately and went after his friend, who was operating a Point Of sale (POS), within the market area and got him killed after he attempted to run away when he identified his killers

According to the source, they later got wind of their target whom they also killed to avenge the late Osa Technical, a member of the Black Axe Confraternity in 2023.

The development, according to the investigation, got Manphite cult groups raging over the killing attacks on their members and reportedly sought reprisal by declaring war on the Aye Confraternity.

According to sources, four persons were initially confirmed dead, with seven more fatalities reported later.

Two additional deaths were recorded on Sunday, June 2, 2024, near the ADP axis of Ogba, Airport Road.

Since the renewed hostilities, we can confirm that flash spots for most killings carried out include Upper Mission, New Benin, where Maphite members reportedly shot two Ayes, resulting in one sustaining a leg injury, and the second Aye member who was their main target, was dropped on the spot. His body was later removed by the police, as confirmed by eyewitnesses.

It was heard that in the case at Mission Road, near Holy Cross, an old Maphite member who an eyewitness said had not been engaged in Confraternity practice was killed by Ayes.

Similarly, in Ekosodin, it was reported that a suspected Aye, driving in a GLK Mercedes Benz, carried out an attack on a young man at a dry cleaning shop, who was later confirmed to be a member of Aye who tended to have seized all membership associations with the Ayes.

In another incident at Ekosodin Junction, a former Maphite member who had cross-carpeted to Vikings Confraternity and later developed mental issues was dropped to death by Ayes.

Some of his close friends who spoke on anonymous conditions and believed to have witnessed the attack indicated that his mental issues began shortly after he was newly introduced to drug substance consumption.

Elsewhere, however, close to Unity Bank, Akpakpava, a member of Maphite was attacked and killed by members of Aye.

It was also reported that around the BIU, Ugbor’s axis, GRA, a well-known Aye member who was a former student of BIU and involved in numerous security jobs was killed by Maphite members. Some sources said he had also worked as a security in BIU.

The report also disclosed that there was an incident at 3rd East Circular Road where a suspected Aye member was killed by Maphite members during a birthday celebration, where the family is said to be unaware of the deceased membership in a cult group.

The clashes have resulted in a total of 13 deaths.

The police have confirmed the cult-related clashes and arrested six suspects with AK-47 rifles, whom it claims are now in their custody.

Commissioner of Police Funsho Adegboye vowed to clamp down on the confraternities, stating that the police are trailing the leaders and will not relent until they are brought to justice.

He noted; “We can confirm that there are cult-related clashes in Benin City.

We have been able to get some suspects arrested. We got an AK-47 and a suspect arrested today. We have up to six in our cell already, and we would not relent.

When Benin metropolis became too hot for them, they made an attempt to relocate to other parts of the state, and we trailed them.

Particularly in Auchi where we chase two with AK-47s and recover one which is a minus for them”.

COMPOL Adegboye said the violence has spread to other parts of the state, with incidents reported in Auchi and other areas where two of the suspects in police custody were arrested.

He maintained that the police are working to contain the situation and restore peace to the state.

Between January 2021 and December 2023, Cult clashes and gun violence have resulted in over 180 fatalities in the Edo State.

This is a statistic of a report by the Partnerships Initiatives in the Niger Delta that has been revealed as obtained by our Correspondent.

The P4P Peace Map, in its weekly update, showed an increase in cult-related deaths in the state.

The tally showed that Benin City had the highest number of deaths with 97 people, followed by Ogbegbe with 31; Ewu-Esan LGA with over 13 persons; Egbeta with three deaths; and Ekpoma with two deaths.

Another 34 deaths are spread across several other local government areas in the state, whilst the recent incidents indicate a resurgence of killings by cult gangs.

In all of the recent spread of cult war in the state, no statement has been issued by the state government condemning the incident of the reported killing-laden spree to restore the confidence of the commonant, who at the thick of the clock live in fear.

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