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Edo 2024: Philip Shaibu Remains The Game Changer, Says PDP Chieftain

DESPITE mounting opposition and intractable barriers erected on the political pathway to Comrade Philip Shaibu’s governorship bid by Governor Godwin Obaseki, PDP Chieftain, Mr Friday Valentine Okeile in this interview says Shaibu is the candidate to beat in the coming delegate primary election slated for this month.

You recently resigned as Special Adviser to the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. Blessing Agbebaku, can you tell us what informed your decision?


First, PDP and Edo people believe in Goodwin Obaseki’s style of politics anymore because we know Comrade Philip Shaibu is a man of the people and we all need to remember how the Deputy Governor made our Speaker to be one of the House of Assembly member. We all know that Hon. Blessing Agbebaku is not Goodwin Obaseki’s candidate for the Speakership but Comrade Philip Shaibu made it possible. Philip Shaibu in his capacity made all local government chairmen as we have them today but because of fear and all they’re now refusing to support Comrade Philip Shaibu.

But don’t forget that Comrade Philip Shaibu has been the man of the people that’s why i am ready to follow him to the promise land which God has promise Edo people true him.

The PDP Congresses towards the selection of the gubernatorial candidate has been dubbed controversial and manipulative, do you agree with that opinion?

No, I didn’t agree with that because that was not PDP congress but Godwin Obaseki congress in Edo state. We must let the good people of Edo state decide, not forcing a total stranger in the person of Asue Ighodalo on Edo people and that’s why we’re saying no to Obaseki’s congress.

What are the chances of Comrade Philip Shaibu, the Deputy Governor whose ambition has been vehemently opposed by Governor Godwin Obaseki in the coming PDP primary election?

Comrade Philip Shaibu is the leading aspirant in the governorship race. That’s why you can see the Governor is doing everything to frustrate Comrade Philip Shaibu ambition for contesting for the Governorship race.

The Deputy Governor is said to be having plan B by moving into other political party to realize his governorship ambition, what’s your take on this?

Comrade Philip Shaibu ambition is in order and he has no plans to move to any other political parties he will certainly realize his dream here in our great party, the PDP.

In the final analysis what, are the chances of Comrade Philip Shaibu?

Comrade Philip Shaibu has the full support of the PDP and Edo people and as a result, he is winning because he is the people’s choice for people. We can’t forget in a hurry how Godwin Obaseki gave up not to contest for a second term in office until Comrade Philip Shaibu gave him the courage to move to PDP to achieve their collective dreams and we all decamped and went to PDP and they were elected.

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