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Edo 2024: PDP In Shock As APC Search For Virgin In A Maternity Ward

GOING to Mosque in search for Pastors is as abnormal as going to the Church seeking an Imam. In a Maternity ward where only pregnant women heavily in labour are present, one begins to wonder why the Edo State APC and its Governorship candidate has chosen to search for a virgin in a labour room.

While searching for bad roads yet to be done by Governor Godwin Obaseki in far Edo South when we have the Ekpoma Federal road in the APC Candidate community in the same federal government where he serves as a Senator. What he couldn’t do with Federal might one wonder how he would magically accomplish it with State power. Morning shows the day is a popular adage.

Humans are only saints after death. Ignoring the mood in your own eyes and attempting to expose the one in other’s eye shows how insensitive we could be. Every virgin desire to end in a Maternity ward where their destiny is fulfilled. This is so because while men marry to make an end Women on the other hand marry to make a beginning. Men marry to settle down women marry to start their lives. This simple illustration is to put it before the APC Gubernatorial candidate in Edo State that there must be an ongoing project in every administration for continuity. There will be no need for government the day all developmental challenges are resolved.


Searching for bad roads in the House of the Governor when you have Federal roads in your domain you couldn’t attract the needed attention is searching for a virgin in a Maternity ward. Government is not a man that married to settle down but a woman that marries to start their lives.

The continuous search for ongoing and yet to be completed projects across the State that the APC candidate has embarked upon is likened to looking for virgin in a Maternity ward. All pregnant women were once virgins. All completed projects in Edo today were once virgin lands who are now in the Labour room at their various State of completion.

Questioning why Governor Obaseki didn’t construct the road that the APC candidate assumed should have been done is equal to divorcing a woman for not giving birth to your prefer gender when neither the man nor the woman has input in determining the sex of a child. In Governor Godwin Obaseki’s Manifesto that Edo the APC candidate interest was not considered. I wonder why he suddenly wants his wishes done rather than telling Edo People what he could do differently. Idleness gives a lazy man a jobless job of throwing sticks and stones at fruit bearing trees.

The APC recently tried to attach Idahosa to Senator Monday Okpebholo to salvage whatever remains of his honour ahead of the Gubernatorial election but it is becoming clearer by the day that Senator Monday Okpebholo’s dwindling insight can not be salvaged even by an Angel.

John Mayaki my brother who is also the spokesman of the APC has joined the bandwagon of searching for a virgin in a Maternity ward by accusing Governor Godwin Obaseki as corrupt, In Nigeria today the question is no longer who is corrupt but who is not corrupt? If Saints are not trusted then the Devils should not be an option. In a clime where others have sold their principles for a price only Governor Godwin Obaseki has remained true to himself.

The need to heal the State permanently from various forms of corruption like the already proposed ones of the APC opposition candidate, was a major reason why Governor Obaseki brought a man like Dr. Asue Ighodalo who is an expert in collapsing corruption and not an ailing Governorship candidate without a defined historical background and future direction.

Unlike others who is yet to recover from the euphoria of emerging as a candidate, Dr. Asue Ighodalo on the other hand, has already Marshal out his plan of industrial revolution with the engagement of a large workforce and urbanization. He has come up with a proposal that our educational goals in the next dispensation must be one that is able to make food affordable and available. His choice of choosing education and economic development as his priority is due to his sound educational background. The same can not be said of the opposition candidate whose candidacy is still facing rejection from his own family and party members. We must reject rejection as we approach 2024 election. A man who can’t be trusted by his own household should not be trusted by the larger society.

“In your next search for a virgin in a Maternity ward there is the need to start your search from your home like charity which doesn’t begin abroad.”

Benjamin Atu
Etsako East.

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