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Edo 2024: Massive Defection Hits APC As 63 Members Dump Party In Udochi

  • Party Suffers Another Major Set Back in Ward 10

THE All Progressive Congress (APC) Etsako Central LGA was hit by a Tsunami on Sunday, May 12 in Udochi, Ward 10, Etsako Central LGA when over 63 members of the party dumped it for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Party equally suffered a major setback in other Wards, in the Local Government Area where some of its members decamped to the PDP.

The defection ceremony took place at Udochi, the headquarters of Ward 10, Etsako Central LGA.


Speaking at the event, Mr Fidelis Eguje noted that their major reason for dumping the APC was to enjoy the Better Life they are experiencing from the Council Chairman, Hon Solomon Obomighie and ensure its continuity through show of massive support adding that the Better life Obomighie anchored on people’s charter of needs, was the main reason to join forces with the ruling party to bring more dividends of democracy to the people of Udochi Community. The decampees promised to work for the victory of the PDP in the 2024 forthcoming Gubernatorial Election.

Receiving the decampees, Hon Pascal Ugbomeh, the Ominimini of the Universe said that their decision to leave the party was a wise one adding that enough was enough of the APC, lamenting that Nigerians were facing serious hardship and it was time to vote out the party. He assured them that they will enjoy all benefits in PDP, imploring them to make good use of their PVCs to kick out the APC from their areas.

Prince TM Ugbodaga, the Central Leader of the People Democratic Party, Etsako Central LGA assured that the people of the area will vote massively for the party in the forthcoming September 21 gubernatorial Election while commending the defectors on their bold steps and encouraging them to go to their various wards to obtain their membership cards.

The Council Chairman, Hon Solomon Obomighie who was excited with the mammoth crowd said Leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about providing inspiration and direction for the people. He stressed that great leadership is about human experiences, not processes. It is not a formula or a program rather a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. Leadership is an attitude, not a routine and that is why his government is doing everything to make the people feel the positive impact of good governance such as the restoration of electricity in the community abandoned for 12 years along with other projects which are scheduled to start soon.

Hon Ojadi Sylvester, Hon Ozizi, Mall Habibu Dirisu, the Ward Chairman, Udo Suraj, the Commissioner and others who spoke said that the huge number of members of the opposition who dumped their party in the area to join the PDP shows that the coast was clear for victory for the Peoples Democratic Party. They said that victory was sure for the PDP in the 2024 gubernatorial Election and pleaded with members to vote for PDP confidently. “Let us vote PDP all-the-way and kick out APC that has brought pains to our people. The party has failed Nigerians and do not have anything to campaign with. We should reject APC with their empty promises”. They said.

_Ibrahim Umaru
South Unemeh Zone (3) PDP Publicity Secretary writes from Ward 10_ .

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