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Edo 2024: Labour Party Crisis Deepens As Youths Group Takes Over Leadership In Benin

Eben Enasco Reporting.

THE leadership crisis rocking the Edo State Labour Party has taken a new turn as a youth group took over the party’s operations in Benin City on Thursday, ahead of the 2024 Governorship election.

A three-man caretaker committee, led by former youth leader Ken Omusi, announced the takeover.


They, however, cited corruption allegations against the incumbent leadership as the reason for their action.

The group dissolved the existing leadership and assumed control of the party.

But in a swift response, the embattled Chairman, Kelly Ogbailoi, described the takeover as illegal during a telephone conversation with our Benin Correspondent, Eben Enasco.

The development deepens the crisis within the party, which is struggling to maintain unity ahead of the crucial governorship election. The youth group’s move has sparked concerns about the party’s chances in the polls.

Ken Omusi, the new Chairman of the Caretaker Committee, alleged that the former leadership was corrupt and had to be removed to save the party.

However, Kelly Ogbailoi and his supporters are likely to resist the takeover, setting the stage for a protracted leadership battle.

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