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Edo 2024: Hope For Nigeria Knocks Olumide Akpata Over False Accusations Against PDP, Ighodalo

Hope for Nigeria, a dedicated civil society group committed to promoting integrity and accountability in our political processes, vehemently condemns the recent actions of the Labour Party candidate, Olumide Akpata. His baseless accusations against the PDP and Dr. Asue Ighodalo are not only unfounded but also damaging to the political fabric of Edo State.

We have observed that over the last three months, Dr. Asue Ighodalo and his party, the PDP have endured the vandalism and destruction of their billboards by thugs. Despite these provocations, Dr. Ighodalo and his team have maintained their dignity, choosing to focus on constructive engagement with the people of Edo State rather than resorting to blame games or baseless accusations.


In stark contrast, Mr. Akpata’s response to similar incidents affecting his own campaign materials has been to irresponsibly politicize the matter. By accusing the PDP without a shred of evidence and issuing threats, Mr. Akpata has shown a reckless disregard for the principles of fair play and respect that should characterize any democratic process. His assertion that “no one has a monopoly on violence” is particularly alarming and suggests a troubling willingness to escalate tensions rather than seek peaceful resolution.

Hope for Nigeria calls on Mr. Akpata to immediately cease these unfounded accusations and to refrain from any further inflammatory rhetoric, capable of heating up the polity or causing a breakdown of law and order. The people of Edo State deserve a campaign focused on substantive issues, not one marred by baseless allegations and threats. If Mr. Akpata has any legitimate points to campaign on, we urge him to present them in a manner befitting a candidate who cares about the welfare of our state and its people.

Edo State deserves better than this. We deserve leaders who prioritize the interests of the people above personal ambitions and political gain. We urge all political actors to elevate the discourse and engage in issue-based campaigns that address the real needs and concerns of our citizens.

Hope for Nigeria will continue to monitor the situation closely and advocate for a political environment that respects the principles of democracy, accountability, and integrity.

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