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Edo 2024: Edo State Will Not Return To APC, By Yunusi Mohammed

IT is bemusing reading from Daily Post this morning where it was reported that Senator Adams Oshiomole expressed confidence that the All Progressive Congress, APC, would regain power in Edo State after Governor Godwin Obaseki leaves in November. I am sure the Edo North senator just want a good Sunday/Monday laugh from the people of Edo State, nothing more.

“We would work very hard to ensure the defeat of PDP, Labour Party, and the 13 other participating political parties in Edo. APC will return to governance of Edo State on November 12, 2024, when the second tenure of PDP’s Godwin Obaseki will expire,” Oshiomole asserted.

Well, I will not advice him to go to Igarra, New Benin, or Ekpoma Markets to make this kind of declaration, it will be suicidal with the kind of dispiriting suffering and hardship the APC has inflicted on the Nigerian citizens with anti-people policies. Today, Nigerians are grasping with untold hardship, high level corruption, insecurity and economic downturn. So on what basis is Senator Oshiomole going to tell the suffering Edo State citizens to vote for the APC plague?


Senator Monday Okpebholo who examplifies everything wrong with the National Assembly, NASS, cannot be voted for in Edo State. A senator who was voted for to represent the good people of Edo Central Senatorial District, less than a year in office, he abandoned his mandate to pursue what is bigger than him using funds for constituency projects for the purpose of becoming the governor of Edo State. What else is can be more legally and morally corrupt than this? Where is the justification for this his selfish interest?

The electorates in Edo State are no fools; Oshiomole and Monday who cannot speak for himself must know this. While the Edo State government has started paying the seventy thousand Naira minimum waged as promised, the APC led Federal Government, FG, is playing ping pong with the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, with less than sixty thousand Naira that has led to the strike, crippling all the entire sectors of the country.

Edo State will not return to APC: whether Oshiomole and his gang like, they should try to rig the election, the people would resist any attempt to inflict them with suffering. The Edo State citizen want continuity, and Dr Asue Ighodalo has assured the people he will do it.

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