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Edo 2024: Asue Is The Best Choice, By Kingsley Ohens

GOVERNANCE is not about who is being a nightmare to who. It’s about who is has the competence, character, and capacity to lead. It is about passion, creativity, compassion and purpose. It’s about listening to the people, showing them genuine love, and inspiring them to solve their problems.

Governance is acting in the best interests of the people. It is about making the people become more stable and productive.

Governance is about accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, stability, equity, inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad-based participation.


Governance is about processes, structures and arrangements that are designed to mobilize and transform the available physical, human and financial resources to achieve concrete outcomes.

No matter who becomes our next governor, yet he does not have a positive mindset, you are not creative, you are not bold to stand before anyone to sell your ideas, you are not quick to identify problems and proffer solutions, you will still be complaining.

For now, Barrister Asue Ighodalo is the best choice. He has the experience – managing both human and financial resources. Asue has the character, competence and capacity to connect the economic dots in Edo State.

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