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Edo 2024: APC’s Inelegant Plea For Progress Declaration, By Chris Ojekere

IT is an expensive situational irony that the APC, which attaches the word, ” Progressive” to its name should be at the forefront of opposing progress in Edo State. The fierce and almost fanatical zeal with which members of this Party oppose you, when you are preaching competence, good education and sound mind causes shiver to run down the spine and leaves you trembling! You would not have finished making your point on Television or Radio about the value of getting an educated and competent Edo son or daughter to serve in a complex and mentally demanding office like that of the Governor, especially, the very special and technologically advanced Office of the Governor of Edo State, than you are attacked in deeply vulgar pidgin.

If you will employ your discernment at that point you will soon see that these are the parents and brothers of the ” school Na Scam” philosophy. They have deep seated malice against education, information, enlightenment and research. They find the principles and rigours of learning a punishing burden and have longed for a society where everything education and all the systems and orderliness it brings will not apply.

These ones live by basic instincts and the law of the jungle. They crave for authority, not because they understand it, but because they know that authority carries power with it. What they really want is POWER! So they crave for it with the hunger of Lions and Tigers. When they do lay hands on it, power translate to an intoxication for both State and non state actors! They can now descend on every one in sight! But especially on the educated ones, whom they feel inferior to. They work very hard to visit all sorts of indignities on educated citizens.


They won’t even mind pushing policies that will take society back 30 years, so long as education is dealt with and relegated to the background. Recall that the GSM we use today was a policy on the table of late General Sanni Abacha for years, but he would not sign the relevant documents because he didn’t understand what it was, simple! But Gen Olusegun Obasanjo came and promptly signed it! Can you measure the volume of progress that signature has brought to Nigeria? The difference is education!

Similarly, one of such decelerating agents was an APC chieftain here in Edo around 2016. He exercised his party chieftain- ship by laying a duly elected APC Party State Secretary on a table and ordered his boys to trash him on his buttocks! I’m talking of a gentleman, married with children. He was lain on a table like a juvenile truant and the hell was flogged out of him. He was expected to be of good behaviour after that!
I could go on and on, but I know you have your own examples of illiteracycracy . The point being made is that the foregoing kind of society is what this anti education, anti enlightenment and School Na Scam disciples are advocating, when they attack us for insisting on competence. I took care to note that none of them present their arguments in good English. And I realised they all belonged to the APC! So, it wasn’t difficult to figure out. They believe they have found the Champion of their tribe in their Candidate! And it was time they ganged up to enthrone Mediocrity to authority ; so that they can proceed to achieve full scale deceleration of the upwardly mobile Edo State!

They crave for a State where ” maiden” can be pronounced medium , media, mended. It doesn’t’ matter, so long as ‘m’ and ‘d’ are there! Abi?
We reject Egypt!

Please read the following with sobriety and get the full picture.


A lecturer in a South African University wrote an expressive message to his students at the doctorate, masters and bachelors level and placed it at the entrance of the college.

I believe that it resonates with us everywhere. More often than not we are not mindful of how the things we consider to be little could destroy our society.

He wrote, “Collapsing any Nation does not require use of Atomic bombs or the use of Long range missiles. But it requires lowering the quality of Education and allowing cheating in the exams by the students. The patient dies in the hands of the doctor who passed his exams through cheating. And the buildings collapse in the hands of an engineer who passed his exams through cheating.
And the money is lost in the hands of an accountant who passed his exams through cheating. And humanity dies in the hands of a religious scholar who passed his exams through cheating. And justice is lost in the hands of a judge who passed his exams through cheating.
And ignorance is rampant in the minds of children who are under the care of a teacher who passed exams through cheating. The collapse of education is the collapse of the Nation”

Then someone else added:

Shoddy laws are made by the politician who passed exams through cheating. Half or unverified information is given by the journalist who passed exams through cheating. Unjustifiable/unpatriotic actions are supported by citizens who passed exams through cheating.
Substandard works are done by the public/civil servant who passed exams through cheating. Half/subjective analysis is given by civil society organizations whose leaders passed exams through cheating. Uninspiring leadership is given by the leader who passed exams through cheating.
Indeed, the collapse of Education is the collapse of the Nation. The foregoing is what APC is advocating for Edo State! Rise up and save your future people!

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