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Edo 2024: APC Desperation Fueling More Lies, By Omoregie Ogbebor

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THE article titled “Battle For Edo: Why PDP’s Crisis May Not End Soon As Ighodalo Meets Brick-wall” by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah can be seen as nothing more than yet another hit piece orchestrated by the All Progressive Congress, APC, which is struggling to present any positive attributes about their candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo.

Instead, the APC continued their resort to spreading lies, fabricating stories, and engaging in blackmailing propaganda to mislead the public and tarnish the reputation of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.


Firstly, the allegations of mismanagement and corruption within the PDP are baseless and lack credible evidence. These claims are a classic example of the APC’s tactics to divert attention from their own internal issues and failures. By pointing fingers at the PDP, they aim to create a smokescreen to hide their own shortcomings. The PDP remains committed to transparency and accountability, and any accusations of fund mismanagement are unfounded and politically motivated.

The so-called “leadership and succession crisis” mentioned in the article is another fabrication. Governor Godwin Obaseki’s administration has been marked by significant achievements and progress, and the claim that he is looking for a loyal successor for personal gain is simply false and entirely laughable.

The PDP is a party that values democratic principles and collective decision-making, unlike the APC, which is known for its autocratic tendencies and power struggles.

The financial struggles of Special Advisers, as highlighted in the article, are exaggerated and taken out of context. The PDP has always prioritized the welfare of its members and staff, ensuring that they are adequately compensated. The APC, on the other hand, has a history of neglecting its own members, leading to widespread dissatisfaction and defections.

Furthermore, the article’s emphasis on the rising popularity of opposition parties is misleading. The defections from the PDP are minor compared to the mass exodus from the APC, driven by disillusionment with their broken promises and lack of vision. The PDP continues to be a strong and united party, with a clear agenda for the development and progress of Edo State.

As for Asue Ighodalo, he remains a dedicated, capable and formidable candidate at the forefront of the PDP’s campaign efforts. The claim that he is hitting a brick wall is nothing but a desperate attempt by the APC to undermine his efforts. Ighodalo and the campaign management team are committed to running a clean and effective campaign, focusing on real issues and solutions for the people of Edo State.

In conclusion, the article by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is a transparent attempt by the APC to smear the PDP with unfounded allegations and baseless propaganda. The APC’s inability to present a viable candidate with a positive track record speaks volumes about their desperation.

The PDP, under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki and Asue Ighodalo, remains steadfast in its mission to bring about meaningful change and development for the people of Edo State. The electorate will not be swayed by the APC’s lies and deceit, and they will make their voices heard in the upcoming elections.

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