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DR Congo Tops Nigeria In List Of Happiest African Countries (See Others)

THE United Nations (UN) has released the list of the top ten happiest countries in Africa, as contained in the 2023 World Happiness Report.

Trojan News reports that the World Happiness Report measures national happiness and the data is primarily from the Gallup World Poll based on respondent ratings of their own lives.

In Africa, Mauritius emerges as the happiest country on the continent, boasting a happiness score of 5.902. Its extremely happy landscapes and diverse culture undoubtedly contribute to this high ranking.


Algeria is a close second, with a score of 5.392, reflecting a sense of well-being prevalent in North Africa. South Africa and DR Congo were placed third and fourth consecutively.

Nigeria was placed eighth on the list, while Cameroon and Mozambique came ninth and tenth on the report.

Below is a list of most happiest African countries,

1. Mauritius

2. Algeria

3. South Africa

4. DR Congo

5. Guinea

6. Côte d’Ivoire

7. Gabon

8. Nigeria

9. Cameroon

10. Mozambique

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