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Douglas Ogbankwa To Edo State Ministry Of Justice: “What You Are Doing To Me Is Persecution And Not Prosecution”

Benin Based Legal Practitioner Douglas Ogbankwa has written to the Commissioner of Justice Edo State, Mr Oluwole Uzzi that what the Ministry Of Justice is doing to him is “persecution and not prosecution”.

In a letter dated 7th of March, 2024 written to the Attorney-General of Edo State copied to the Solicitor General and Director of Public prosecution, Douglas Ogbankwa raised ethical issues in the way and manner the Edo State Ministry of Justice under Oluwole Uzzi is going about he matter, saying that the persecution and not prosecution, is being done because of his activeness as a Lawyer to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and nothing more .


He stated that the same Ministry of Justice that is so much in a hurry to bring up trump charge against him, has not been able to charge Oluwole Iyamu and Okuwole Iyamu to Court, saying what Edo State Ministry of Justice has is a “Director of Persecution” and not a Director of Prosecution.

In an interview with the matter, Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. said, “The Edo State Government has finally showed its hand in this matter. I’m not surprised at the activities of the Edo State Government confirmed the credible intelligence I have gathered that Edo State Government had been behind the girl all the way together with a popular hotelier and politician who boasted about his political connections and wealth.

“It’s a shame that why other states are building infrastructure and systems for businesses, Edo State Government is in alliance with one SP Franklin Anioke and one DC Adegbola Odugbela who were having ex-party communications with the said girl and her sponsors, including a perpetual loser in elections, whose only grouse is that I acted as Counsel for Hon Valentine Asuen (DVD) Oil in the suit leading to the tribunal for the Senate.

“Edo State Government should hand over the case file to the police to deal with as the Edo State Government has soiled its hand in this matter. I am stronger in spirit and I am ready to tackle all involved in this matter with the Law. I eat and breath Law and the Edo State Government will learn new things with this case”, Ogbankwa said.

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