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Bwala Exonerates President Tinubu From ECOWAS Exit

IN the wake of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger’s exit from the Economic Community
of West African States, Daniel Bwala, a high-ranking member of the Peoples
Democratic Party, has absolved President Bola Tinubu of any responsibility for
the withdrawal.

Bwala asserted that the departure of the three nations from ECOWAS is
linked to the intricate dynamics of proxy trade conflicts between Russia/China
and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).


Following the announcement by military regimes in the aforementioned
countries, citing a “sovereign decision,” Bwala emphasized that the
situation is not a result of Tinubu’s leadership or lack thereof, contrary to
rumors being spread.

Expressing his views in a post on Sunday, the former lawmaker urged Nigerians
to direct their attention towards the nation and voiced confidence in President
Tinubu’s ability to forge lasting peace within ECOWAS.

He stated, “Nigeria is not at war with both blocs, so we are good and President Tinubu would find a path for lasting peace in ECOWAS. Let’s focus on our nation and together as a people we would find solutions to our age long problems. Make dem dey there dey and make we dey our dey.”


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