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Butcher Jailed 14 Years For Attempted Sexual Assault

An Ikeja Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court on Friday sentenced a butcher, Jelili Moshood, to 14 years imprisonment for attempting to rape a vulnerable 78-year-old woman suffering from dementia.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Moshood was sentenced  to 14 years imprisonment by Justice Rahman Oshodi, following his plea bargain agreement to attempted sexual assault by penetration.

Oshodi held that he considered the facts of the case, the plea bargain agreement reached between the prosecution and the defence.
He added that he considered the convict’s guilty plea to the amended charge of attempt to commit sexual assault by penetration.
Consequently, the court convicted Moshood and sentenced him to 14  years imprisonment, as agreed in the plea bargain, to commence on Jan. 2,  2019, the date of his remand.


The judge said the facts established in the case were that the convict, under the guise of helping, isolated the vulnerable 78-year-old woman suffering from dementia and proceeded to assault her, causing her physical injury and sexual trauma.
He said: “This predatory and depraved conduct shocks the conscience and warrants strong condemnation and a lengthy custodial sentence.

“The victim impact has been severe; though the victim has since passed away, one can only imagine the fear, anguish and suffering inflicted upon her in the final months of her life by the convict’s heinous actions.
“Her family will have to live with that painful reality and this sentence considers the convict’s guilty plea and the sparing of the victim’s family from the ordeal of testifying in court.

“However, it must also send a clear deterrent message that sexual violence against society’s most vulnerable will be met with severe consequences.

Oshodi said the agreed 14-year sentence reflected the egregious breach of trust, the physical and emotional harm caused and the need to protect the public from the convict, who would be registered as a sex offender.
“Jelili Moshood, this court hopes that during your lengthy imprisonment, you will have occasion to reflect deeply on your actions and emerge with genuine remorse and rehabilitation,” the judge said.

NAN reports that the Lagos State Government had initially charged  the convict with rape, in which the medical report and the result of the medical examination were received in evidence as Exhibit F.
It revealed documented physical trauma and forceful penetration of the victim’s vagina.

The court had held that the preceding factual matrix was distilled from the testimonies of one ASP Babatunde Asifat, Prosecution Witness One (PW1) and one Insp. Olakunle Orebe, Prosecution Witness Two (PW2), and the defendant’s’s confessional statement (Exhibit B1).
The court had also held that the extensive cross-examination by the learned defence counsel did not unearth any contradiction of PW1’s evidence.

The judge said that instead, it strengthened it.
“Seeing the strong evidence against him and after PW2 had given his evidence-in-chief, the defendant applied to the Hon. Attorney-General of Lagos State for a plea bargain through his counsel, Mr Yusuf  Oyebanji,” the court  held.
The state counsel, Ms Bukola Okeowo, informed the court on May 31 that the parties had entered a plea and sentence agreement dated and filed on May 30.
The convict’s charge was, thereafter, changed from rape to attempt to commit sexual assault by penetration, which contravened Section 262of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State 2015. (NAN)

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