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Bayelsa State Governor, Duoye Diri’s Proposed Inclusive Cabinet

Gov Diri, Bayelsa Assembly

IN 1860, lawyer and former one-term congressman, Abraham Lincoln stunned the American community by prevailing over three prominent and politically enlightened rivals – William H. Steward, Salmon P. Chase, and Edward Bates, who were his opponents in the keenly contested Republican nomination for President of the United States of America.

Lincoln appointed all three of them after the elections, in disbelief, as Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury and Attorney-General respectively. All, to key political cabinet offices – the engine room of government. That singular well-thought-out act helped President Lincoln steer the country through its darkest days.

It would be recalled that what pummeled Lincoln to fill his cabinet with rival politicians was that these were men of strong character, great talents and patriotic American citizens. President Lincoln desired to harness these rich human resources to enable him effectively tap into their variegated talents for national growth and development of the American State.


The author of “In Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln”, Doris Kearns Goodwin in her research, found that, apart from other variables, Lincoln wanted people in his cabinet who thought the way he did and had the passion for selfless service and the ability to unify a divided America, particularly to stand the head of the rebellious South.

It is for this reason that the recent proclamation of Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri’s avowed commitment to constitute an inclusive cabinet in his second tenure in office is worthy of applause. The proclamation should be seen as a far-reaching, enterprising and insightful move which recognizes content and structural reform in the machinery of government for the state’s even and holistic development.

It is a clear evidence of the practice of politics without borders in our polity. This move, if studiedly carried out, would further unite the Bayelsa community to gaze at the same direction in squarely addressing the problems of under-development in the state.

It would be recalled that Governor Diri declared his intention in this regard, shortly after the weekly five kilometer prosperity walk in Yenagoa recently.

The Governor stated that he would consult widely and ensure he picks his cabinet members from across political parties in the state in order to form a formidable inclusive government. It is noteworthy that the practice of “winner-takes-all” in our polity is being questioned and gradually giving way to inclusivity by those in commanding heights of governance. This need to tap into the rich and variegated talents, professional and academic skills of political opponents in the formation of a government of the people is the right way to go to ensure effective state and national development, as well as to restore unity, peace and security in our environment.

Governor Diri should, therefore, be commended for taking this bold step, not only for the display of political will and sagacity but for the demonstration of selfless, focused and patriotic leadership. It goes without saying that this move would not only douse the flames of discontent, intolerance, greed and self-centeredness amongst our political class but shall deflate the hitherto despicable trending winner-takes-all syndrome in our polity.

Such candidates so identified, should have emotional and political attachment to both the state and her leadership, as well as exude the finer attributes of vision, probity and accountability, pragmatism, loyalty and unflinching commitment to assist the leadership in the task of advancing the development the State.

It is the ardent hope of Bayelsans that the second tenure of Douye Diri’s administration would not only consolidate on the gains of the past achievements but work decisively to vindicate the trust reposed in him by the greater majority of the electorate who voted him into power. He should rededicate himself to the enormous holistic developmental challenges of the state ahead of him and his new cabinet in the making.

Governor Diri and his new cabinet, therefore, has the compelling duty to underwrite the underdevelopment status of the state, and the unpardonable deficit in basic necessities of life to her people, notably, potable water, efficient and affordable land and water transportation system and many more. The lack of these, which had greatly accentuated the biting poverty level of Bayelsans.

Above all, Governor Diri should retrospect on his use of regulatory command in the governance of the state and its potency in more efficient service delivery in his second term in office.

Bayelsans, and indeed, citizens of the state earnestly look upon the prosperity administration for their prosperity in the four years ahead of Governor Diri.

  • Braeyi Ekiye, Publisher, EnvironmentWatch, writes from Yenagoa.

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