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Asue Ighodalo Unmasked – The Unstoppable Force

  • Crushing the Illusion of Disqualification Attempts!
    Gang Up Against Asue Ighodalo – A Fruitless Endeavor!

PDP SUPPORT GROUP stand resolute in debunking the futile attempts to disqualify Dr. Asue Ighodalo, a beacon of integrity and competence. Recent misguided efforts by certain political aspirants have been exposed as lacking legitimacy, marred by ignorance, and relying on obsolete constitutional references.

Reading through the PDP constitution of 2012, it’s evident that the so-called plot against Dr. Ighodalo lacks substance. The constitutional nuances were overlooked, leading to a comical and inconsequential endeavor by those attempting to discredit him.


These misguided attempts should have approached the party’s constitution with a keen and unbiased mindset, adhering to the first law of Mutable and Immutable Perfection. Instead, they now find themselves as political jesters, unaware of the immutable truths governing our political landscape.

The misguided arguments centered around Dr. Ighodalo’s membership duration, citing an obsolete provision from the 2012 constitution. However, their lack of knowledge and failure to read the 2017 Constitutional act became apparent. They sought guidance publicly, showcasing their deficiency and prompting legal clarification from Governor Caleb Muftwang of Plateau State.

In truth, the 2017 constitution clearly stipulates a minimum one-month membership requirement for eligibility to stand for election, unless waived by the appropriate Executive Committee.

Dr. Asue Ighodalo stands unrivaled in his qualifications – mentally articulate, physically healthy, academically grounded, and professionally vast. His character, capacity, and integrity shine, placing him in a class beyond the defeatist and vituperative attempts against him.

Political alliances against Dr. Ighodalo are not just absurd but lack legitimate backing, fueled by ignorance and obsolete constitutional references.

PDP SUPPORT GROUP urges the public to discern the truth and recognize that Dr. Asue Ighodalo has successfully passed screening and possesses the full capacity to lead Edo State as its next governor.

In conclusion, the truth remains – Asue Ighodalo is poised to become the next governor of Edo State by the grace of God Almighty. When truth aligns with competence, no futile attempts can prevail.

PDP SUPPORT GROUP Unveiling Truth, Shaping Perspectives!.

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