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Appreciation Visit To Hon. Peter Akpatason For His Contributions To The Okpe/Ijaja Street Light Project

SEQUEL to our earlier information concerning the Okpe Street Light Project, some Okpe sons and daughters paid Hon. Peter Akpatason a thank-you-visit in Abuja on the 20th of August, 2023. A vote of thanks was offered by the President followed by all other members present for the good works he ((Hon. Akpatason) has been doing in the community with reference to the recent donation of 80 sets of solar lighting systems he promised as his contribution to the Okpe/Ijaja Street Light project proposed by Okpe/Ijaja Sons and Daughters.

During our interaction, we also ceased the opportunity to appeal to him to take a second look at the road construction that was terminated before Okebho Farms. And that we hope he puts the road in the next budgetary constituency allocation.
We also made mention of the poor network in Okpe citing the struggle to browse and make calls seamlessly and the need to get a booster installed.

In his response, he said he was so elated and happy seeing us coming to thank him the second time for what he was elected to do. He said from childhood, he has always had affinity for Okpe having known a lot of persons from the kingdom. He briefly ran down the history of how he met the likes of Uncle Ayo Aigbomabinu, Mr Charles Aigbe and others while in school.


He thanked us for coming and said it is rare for communities to come to show this type of appreciation. He promised to look into extending the road and added that as the Chairman Committee on Communications at the Federal House of Representatives, he will direct MTN to upgrade our network with a booster as soon as the House of Representatives resume from their break.

We presented gifts as a token of our appreciation, a plaque and a beffiting art work purchased from private donations from Okpe sons and daughters.

The visitation ended with a light entertainment courtesy of the Honourable.

Attached are pictures taken during the visitation.

In attendance, were Kunle Akhigbe, Okishimede Lawani, Damian Adeleke, Elempe Olubamidele, Sis. Bose Ekundayo and Sucomi Ajaguna


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