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AI, Where Reliability Meets Competence

IN making a political consideration when it comes to voting, two crucial distinctions regarding political competence must be made. First, the mere probability that the candidate will make a morally right decision (reliability) is distinct from his ability to skillfully make a decision (competence).

Empirical and normative accounts have focused primarily on reliability, but competence is more important if we take central normative commitments seriously. Second, the competence he has on hus own (direct competence) is distinct from the competence he has in contributing to some collective enterprise (contributory competence).

Direct competence is likely to be extremely demanding in a democratic context, so we should move to a contributory account of competence.


Dr. Asue Ighodalo has both direct competence, and as a former captain of several establishments such as Nigeria Breweries and Sterling Bank, he has contributory competence. He has proven over time to be a team player, and this will come to play when he is elected the governor of Edo State. He has been on ground knows the issues. Hitting the ground running as from September will be very natural.

AI is Competently Reliable.

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