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Ahead Edo2024, Edos From All Walks Of Life Continue To Troop In The Home Of Osarodion Ogie

  • as support swells across board

THE GRA residence of the deputy governorship candidate of the PDP in the fast-approaching Edo governorship election of September 21, Osarodion Ogie, has become a mecca of sort; Ogie’s residence, which has always been a settlement for political and strategic engagement, can now be termed simply a marketplace.

The floors, corners and quarters in the residence of the leader haven’t had a breathing space since the announcement, and subsequent confirmation and clearance of Osarodion Ogie as running mate to Asue Ighodalo, the PDP governorship candidate.

Ogie, a man who has cut his teeth in public administration and strategic planning, remains a major rallying point ahead the poll; a vast majority of Edo people at home and abroad has commended the PDP for nominating the complete gentleman, describing Ogie as a round peg.


Yesterday, various youth and women groups from across the nooks and crannies of Edo State assembled in the SSG’s abode declaring support for AiO².

“We are solidly behind the AiO² combo,” they said in unison on Saturday.

On Friday, the University of Benin Senior Staff Club, Ugbowo, held a question and answer session with the duo; the session ended with Club members expressing satisfaction with the responses of the governorship and deputy governorship candidates.

And as the campaigns set to kick-off, AiO² have made their marks in their respective endeavours, they come to the electoral field with bags of competence, character, capacity, experience, exposure, contacts, and a boisterous enthusiasm, now needed to sustain existential legacies, while expanding the frontiers of Edo for multisectoral development.

Asue Ighodalo possesses a robust understanding of Edo’s economic potentialities; having served as Chairman of the Alaghodaro Economic Summit for a sizable period, he is sufficiently familiar with the realities and challenges that faces Edo’s economy, beyond that, Ai possesses the relevant credentials to rally realistic solutions for our State’s economic development.

He is a masterstroke for an improved Edo economy.

Osarodion Ogie on the other hand, remains an exemplary leader, a directional lamplight who knows the way, goes the way and leads the way; through his open-door policy and human capacity development disposition, Osarodion Ogie has impacted lives in all corners of Edo State, a trait now ready to be rewarded with good gesture by the vast majority of Edo people.

Ogie’s inclusion in the race unapologetically alters every calculation the opposition has made, rendering them (opposition) battered, brutalized, broken, long before the election proper.

The combination of Asue Ighodalo and Osarodion Ogie has been described by political watchers as a perfectionist tendency, and one sound decision the PDP has taken in recent times; a move that has reawaken the political sagacity of a vast majority of Edo people who thought from the very beginning, that the AiO² combo should be a natural phenomenon, and not a subject for prolonged political debate.

And as the time ticks, i’s dotted and t’s crossed, and as political parties and players set to float their campaigns, Edos from all walks of life continue to troop in the abode of Osarodion Ogie, swelling up their support, canvassing every Edo man, woman, boy and girl to rally behind the AiO² ticket, a strategic move by the Peoples Democratic Party to keep Edo on the path of glory.

N’Edo Gha Ma.

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