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Africa- Rugby World Cup Semi-Final: Message From Rugby Africa President Herbert Mensah To South Africa’s Springboks

AS South Africa reaches the semi-final of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Herbert Mensah, the newly elected President of Rugby Africa (, the continental governing body of rugby across Africa, issues a message of support addressed to Mark Alexander, President of the South Africa Rugby Union (SARU):

Rugby Africa

Dearest Mark, My Brother


YOU have carried the hopes and dreams of an entire continent on your shoulders, and your journey to this point has been nothing short of spectacular. The Springboks are not just a team; YOU are a symbol of resilience, unity and determination.

As reigning World Champions, YOU have already achieved greatness, we have every confidence in your abilities and unwavering spirit.

Africa stands with YOU, proud of your achievements and excited for what the future holds. Together, we grow, we fight, and we stand as one, crafting a spirit that defines Africa’s strength.

Show the world the power of the Springbok spirit, and may your performance be a source of pride all of us.

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