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Africa Briefing Contributing Editor Prof Ademola To Be Honoured At 2024 Southwest Investment Summit

IN a nod to his exceptional dedication and impact in the realm of technology, Africa Briefing’s Contributing Editor Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola has been named the recipient of the esteemed Tech Excellence Award at the upcoming 4th Edition Southwest Investment Summit and Advancement Award in 2024.

This prestigious accolade acknowledges Professor Ademola’s profound contributions to technology and his instrumental role in advancing technological innovation in the Southwest region.

Renowned for his pioneering work in technology research, education, and mentorship, Professor Ademola has left an indelible mark on the field. His innovative approach to addressing complex technological challenges and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility have earned him widespread recognition and admiration.


Beyond his academic endeavours, Professor Ademola has been a catalyst for tech excellence in Nigeria’s  Southwest region, inspiring and guiding the next generation of tech professionals. Through his mentorship and advocacy efforts, he has fostered a culture of innovation and excellence, fuelling the region’s burgeoning tech ecosystem.

The Tech Excellence Award serves as a fitting tribute to Professor Ademola’s tireless dedication and passion for technology, underscoring his profound impact on the field. The Southwest Investment Summit and Advancement Award eagerly anticipates honouring Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola for his exceptional contributions to tech excellence and celebrating his legacy at the forthcoming event in Lagos.

Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola’s influence extends far beyond his academic achievements, as he has been instrumental in driving technological innovation and excellence in the Southwest region. His contributions span various facets of the tech industry, including research and development, collaboration, and mentorship.

Central to Professor Ademola’s impact is his groundbreaking research initiatives, which have pushed the boundaries of technology and introduced innovative solutions to address pressing challenges. His work has garnered acclaim and has been pivotal in shaping the trajectory of technological advancement in the region.

Moreover, Professor Ademola’s efforts to foster collaboration and partnerships within the tech community have been instrumental in cultivating a vibrant ecosystem conducive to innovation. By engaging with industry stakeholders and policymakers, he has facilitated the exchange of ideas and the development of transformative solutions.

Furthermore, Professor Ademola’s commitment to mentorship and education has left an enduring legacy, inspiring and empowering future tech leaders. Through his mentorship programs and outreach initiatives, he has nurtured talent and instilled a culture of excellence, laying the groundwork for sustained innovation in the Southwest region.

In sum, Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola’s contributions to technology excellence are unparalleled, and his recognition with the Tech Excellence Award is a testament to his profound impact on the field. As he continues to shape the tech landscape in the Southwest region and beyond, his legacy will endure as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

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