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2023: Peter Obi’s Synopses On Nigeria Presidency 

1. It is a mark of irresponsibility that our children  are at home and we are campaigning – Peter Obi
2. We bought our tickets at 40million/100 million. Can Nigerians demand from candidates their annual in come taxes – Peter Obi
3. Nigeria is chairing 18 billion dollars from oil revenue while Malaysia is making 50 billion dollars from Diaspora remittance – Peter Obi
4. By 2030 the whole world will be in dire need of computer engineers and health professionals to the tune of 10 million people and our children are wasting at home – Peter Obi
5.Kwamen Nkuruma University Ghana is the best university in Africa and one of the best 50 in the world in science and Technology study – Peter Obi
6. If I become the President education in primary and secondary schools will be free  while Tertiary education will not be free – Peter Obi
7. My first three priority as President will be education, education and education – Peter Obi
8. I will invest and invest in education and export graduates and increase diaspora remittance from 20 billion dollars – Peter Obi
9. As Governor of Anambra State I paid all Corps members serving in schools 4,000 naira on 24th of every month as stipend – Peter Obi
10. As Governor I paid every citizen of Anambra above age of 70 and residing in rural area a stipend of 5,000 naira every month – Peter Obi
11. When I assumed office as Governor, I discovered the that Anambra State have governor’s Lodge at Abuja. I renovated the building and donated it to United nations free of charge. It eliminated our cost of maintenance and till today UN has been supporting Anambra State Government – Peter Obi
12. You can fight insecurity in two ways, natural insecurity is fought by creating job and institutional insecurity will be fought with Technology – Peter Obi
13. There is nothing like security vote in our constitution. What we have is contingency vote which should be max 4% of expenditure – Peter Obi
14. As Governor they brought security vote of 12.5 billion for approval annually. From there I gave each primary school in the sate 5 million each, secondly school 10 million each and supported five school of nursing and midwifery to get accreditation. Gave about 500 first class graduates from Anambra each 1 million Naira. All cost the state 10 billion. The remaing 2.5 billion was used as security vote which covered payment of security personnel at communities, bought vehicles for 200 communities in Anambra – Peter Obi
15. To create jobs banks must be made to give certain percentage of loans to SMEs – Peter Obi
16. I have a 28 years old son who works in UK and he has no car. He has to earn and buy himself a car – Peter Obi
17. My 30 years old daughter is a teacher in a secondary school and she is happy doing her work – Peter Obi
18. Throughout my 8 years as Governor, nobody of Obi family served in my government. I was the one elected and none of them. I take all responsibility of governance – Peter Obi
19. If as President, I don’t steal,  my wife and children don’t steal, Corruption would have been cut by 50% – Peter Obi
20. The youths you neglect today will take a revenge on you tomorrow. #TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY# – Peter Obi. etc etc etc.

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