You Will Not Rule Forever, By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq

POWER is nothing with out control ,
No matter how much you shoot or loot ,
Power is transient ,
I tell you ,you will not Rule Forever.

Looking at your callousness and cold bloodedness,
I have a question for you :
How do you manage to sleep at night ?
No Matter how much you demolish or imprison,
I advise you renovate the prison ,
Life is a complex prism ,
I tell you ,you will not Rule Forever .

I wonder what you gain,
When you cause people pain,
Fame can bring shame if not tamed ,
When you fly in private jets,
And relish the pain of your fellow men ,
I tell you ,you will not rule forever .

Conscience is an open wound,
Only the truth can heal it ,
Sycophants will venerate you ,
But you do a brigandage like a renegade boys brigade,,
Know that nature abhors betrayals ,
Nemesis is a food every snitch eats ,
Listen not to praise singers ,
The forces of nature quakes at your impunity,
Karma is bitch,
What will, will be ,
I tell you ,you will not rule forever.

Wait and see ,
The Lord of the skies and seas ,
Shall do just to us all,
Whether you kill or you use skill,
Whether you maim or try to main ,
I tell you ,
You will not rule forever

We will all die one day ,
The forces of the cherubim and seraphim shows our course ,
When you die ,
Will people mourn or bemoan the losses inflicted on them by you ,
What will people say when you are dead?
It is course we must all follow,
Pause and ponder ,
Because you will not rule forever.