With Obaseki As A Friend, Oshiomhole Needs No Enemies, By Dr. Nosa Imafidon

A group, Concerned Edolites on Tuesday said they are worried over what they described as ‘fake and empty renewed friendship’ between Governor Godwin Obaseki and Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

Dr. Nosa Imafidon who briefed journalists in Abuja wondered why Governor Godwin Obaseki is eating his vomit after accusing Oshiomole of stealing and diverting Edo state money.

According to him,” Is this the same Obaseki that accused Oshiomole of embezzling Edo state government money through the Central Hospital, Benin and the Benin water Storm project?

The same Governor Godwin Obaseki orchestrated the removal of Comrade now Senator Adams Oshiomole as APC national chairman using his ward Executive. Have we forgotten easily?

“Is it not the same Obaseki that told Edo people and Nigerians that Oshiomole is asking him to share Edo people’s money with him? A lie that was part of his 2020 campaign slogan?

Or is it not the same Obaseki that also accused Oshiomole of godfatherism? We can go and on.

We can understand the sudden ‘moi moi’ and champagne relationship between the two now. Indeed Obaseki is well known for his chameleonic nature.

“Has Governor Godwin Obaseki suddenly realized that his government is coming to an end, and he can not escape the wrath of Edo people? Or did he think Oshiomole can save him?

“We are asking again, if Obaseki has forgotten the ill treatment given to Oshiomole in the Edo state University, Iyahmo? Or the thugs arranged to beat up Oshiomole at the Benin Airport? Or the barricade of his house in GRA, burning of a vehicle in front of his house? Can Obaseki decieve our people again this time?

“I think we need to wake up. This same Obaseki who is clandestinely attempting to smuggle an unknown stranger into Edo politics after claiming Edo nor be Lagos? Obaseki should tell us the real sin of his deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu.” We have no apologies until Obaseki apologies to Oshiomhole and all the people he deceived over the last 7 years.

Dr. Nosa Imafidon however warned Edo people to be alive and never to be deceived by the governor after all he said about Comrade Adams Oshiomole in the recent past.