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VIDEONEWS: $2 Billion And 350 Million Gold Bars Were Recovered From The House Of A Minister’ – Okoi Obono Obla

FORMER Presidential Aide to Muhammadu Buhari and Former Head Of The Special Presidential Investigations, Chief Okoi Obono Obla was recently on the “Mic On Podcast” with Seun Okin and he opened up about a lot of things.

During the podcast, Chief Okoi Obono Obla revealed that 2 billion US dollars and 850 million gold bars was recovered from the house of a minister in Goodluck Jonathan’s Government but the money recovered was not declared to the government.


“In his Words”

“One of the cases I investigated was a report from retired Major General Adamu Yusuf, he wrote a petition to my office saying that he was a whistle blower to a case that I led to the recovery of 2 billion US dollars and 850 million gold bars from a house of a Minister in Jonathan’s Government, that the agreement he had with Abba Kyari was that after the recovery, he was going to have a commission”.

“After the operation, the money was recovered but was not declared to the government, the gold bars were not declared, only 350 million gold bars out of 850 million gold bars were declared, so he was angry that I should investigate.

So, my director of operation was an assistant commissioner of police, he led the investigation, interviewed almost 7 persons including the controversial Chuma Nzeribe from Anambra State and some other receiving people and they all testified to the fact that, that money was recovered, that they were there in the house when the government team came to recover the money”, Chief Okoi Obono Obla said.

The “Mic On Podcast” shared the video on their official instagram page and it stirred massive reactions from the general public.

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