VIDEO: Afghan Stowaways Fall To Death From US Military Plane Leaving Kabul

IN an attempt to flee the Taliban rule, no fewer than three Afghanistan stowaways appeared to have fallen to a horrific death from a United States military aircraft evacuating its personnel and citizens from Kabul.

Viral footages on social media show a number of people jumping aboard the outside of a US Air Force plane on the runway in the Afghan capital.

However, UK Metro reports that graphic images have surfaced, suggesting some of the stowaways have fallen from the airborne plane to the ground.

A video also seems to show two people falling from the aircraft soon after takeoff.

There is also a graphic image apparently depicting the remains of one of the bodies on the ground, the British news outlet added.

The plane was seen trying to take off from a runway flooded with locals desperately trying to flee the Taliban amid carnage in the capital Kabul.

Watch the video below;