Verobien Uwabor, The Game Changer Enters PDP Orhionmwon House Of Assembly Race

THE entrance of Chief (Mrs) Vero Uwabor Culley, a community builder and the voice for the voiceless into Orhionmwon House of Assembly PDP race calls for utmost celebration for those who knew her as an astute business woman who has been into hospitality, community building, philanthropy and women and youths empowerment over the years. In this interview with our correspondent in Orhionmwon, Chief (Mrs) Uwabor gives details on how she hopes to represent her people in Edo State House of Assembly. 
My Agenda For Orhionmwon 
To have quality representation for Orionmwon in the State House of Assembly and good governance which will reflect the needs of the people whose mandate I stand for. That includes good roads network, improved school premises,  improved housing, improved markets, good water supply, create youth working scheme and generally make living standards for rural people easier.
My top priority is the people for they have been neglected for too long. The community have been neglected for too long. Our youth have not had their voice heard and they needs direction. Our children and their needs have not be represented. Our children are tomorrow’s future. Parents are neglected and they need to benefit from family support packages for parents in rural communities.
So my commitment is the supporting and strengthening families to be able to care and provide for their children who must be fed and cared for very well and be protected from harm so that they can become good ambassadors of the  community, state and country.
Before now I have been providing for my community in so many ways. I renovated Ottah, Igbanke Market as an appreciation for voting for the PDP and Governor Obaseki into power in the last Governorship election. I put up a signpost between Igbanke and Delta state so that  road users coming to my community will be welcomed to the town and know that they are now in Edo state. I distributed COVID-19 palliatives to my people while the pandemic lasted.
I’m a household name in Orionmwon with my simple slogan titled: “Follow Vero Uwabor Culley Better Your Community, Better Go Follow You.  
In all modesty, I have been tested and trusted by my community because of my women empowerment, youth empowerment, for giving children voices, for my education for all initiative, for internal security, community and rural development, for empowering and caring for the aged, for rehabilitation of rural roads to enhance agricultural transportation, working with the community and schools to eradicate drug abuse and also to reduce child abuse and prostitution over the years.
My Chances At The Poll
I have a chance because I have worked for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) interest and continue to do so sufficiently enough to be rewarded by the party faithful and its leadership. I have been working in my community to improve living standards both in my Igbanke Community and also in the constituency. I have touched lives of the common man and if I am voted into the House of Assembly, I will do more to make sure that electorate enjoy the dividends of democracy. My assessment so far is that the electorates have not faired too well from those who have been representing them. I will show my constituency that it is their rights to enjoy good representation. I have never left PDP because I believe in the vision of our great party. I have delivered whilst not in any government so when I am voted I will use the money from government to better my constituency.
PDP Internal Crisis
PDP is a family covered by its umbrella. Politics involves agreement and disagreement to agree. As a family we will  surely rise above any crisis and reduce any damage to PDP image in Eso State. The whole essence of party democracy is to have disagreement because of differences in opinions and orientations. Once such disagreements are resolved the party becomes stronger. The PDP or any other political parties would have been undemocratic if there no disagreements. The most important thing is the ability to reconcile warring groups within the political party in order to achieve inclusiveness. That’s the majesty of democracy and democratic ethos.
God Father
I have no God father. I am a PDP woman who has been loyal to the Party and put in my time and resources to make sure that Governor Obaseki was delivered as PDP governor for Edo State in 2020 Governorship election. I have continued to spent time and money to encourage more people from opposition party to PDP. I believe in the unity of our great party because the party is supreme. As a professional Social Worker and a business woman, I have budgeted for this project. In addition I have touched lives and those who believe in my vision are also supporting my project.
35% Women Affirmative Action
Women are mother’s to all and home builders of nations and humanity. It is unfortunate that Nigeria has not carried women along as the case globally. It is a welcome development that PDP has agreed on 35%, women affirmative action. Women are good decision makers, counselors, home builders and our presence in the House of Assembly surely will reduce any tension and create necessary balance and checkmate mens’ excesses and rivalry. Women presence will engender stability in polity and the state will enjoy peace deliberation and quality legislation.