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Uzamere Inspects Roads in Ovia South West, LGA


THE Edo State Commissioner for Roads and Bridges, Hon. Ethan Uzamere inspects Iguobazuwa-Usen Okoro/Ugbogui road Road projects.

In line with it’s avowed commitment to delivering quality infrastructure, Edo State Government through the ministry of Roads and Bridges led by Hon. Ethan Uzamere has embarked on a series of projects aimed at transforming the lives of its citizens. The Iguobazuwa-Usen Okoro/ Ugbogui road project is a shining examples of this vision, showcasing the government’s dedication to connecting communities, boosting economic growth, and improving access to essential services.


The construction of Iguobazuwa Hospital road has greatly enhanced access to healthcare services for residents, while the Okemola Road project has opened up new opportunities for economic development and growth. These projects demonstrate the government’s strategic approach to infrastructure development, prioritizing sustainability, durability, and community needs.

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