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UK Elections: Residents Expected To Withdraw Over £235million From ATMs


As the United Kingdom citizens vote on who their next set of leaders will be, around £235million is expected to be withdrawn from Automated Teller Machines.

The development comes as people fit trips to cash machines around casting their General Election votes, according to a forecast from UK cash access and cash machine network Link.


The network expects the total to be lower than it was on December 12, 2019, when the last general election was held, UK Independent reports. 

On that date of previous elections , which resulted in Boris Johnson returning to Downing Street as Conservative prime minister, £322 million was withdrawn.

Link said that early December tended to be a slightly busier time for cash machine withdrawals.

In the June 8 2017, elections £356 million was withdrawn. In the December 12 2019, elections £322 million were withdrawn while the July 4,2024 predicted figure is, £235 million.

And on the general election date of June 8 2017, which led to the then-prime minister Theresa May’s election gamble backfiring as the Conservatives’ Commons majority was erased, some £356 million was taken out of ATMs.

As of Thursday, June 27 2024, £240 million was dispensed from ATMs, according to Link’s figures.

The United Kingdom election is expected to hold this Thursday

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