Truth, Lies and Hopes of Graduating with 2:2 – Vincent Adeoba

Truth, Lies and Hopes of Graduating with 2:2 – Vincent Adeoba

FREEPRESS – There is a serious job deficit in Nigeria. Thousands of graduates are pushed into the labour market every year, the truth is no one is creating jobs for these graduates. You have to get into the labour market and be ready to fight hard to get a job. The labour market is a place where only the fittest survive.

The available jobs are not enough for 1st class and 2nd class upper graduates if we’re to restrict the opportunities to them. Unemployment rate in Nigeria is 18.8%, it’s one of the highest rates in the world and we’re not doing much to address the problem. Many youths are jobless and one needs to be strategic in his job search after school to get something reasonable.

If you don’t want to go through a hell of struggle after school, I will advise you should try to graduate with at least 2:1 especially if you’re not connected to a politician and your dad doesn’t own a company. If you reject this advice and you’re from a poor background, I’m afraid you may end up passing the baton of poverty to the next generation except you’re considering business and you have what it takes to succeed in the Nigeria harsh business environment.

Nevertheless, graduating with 2:2 isn’t the end of the world. There are two types of 2:2 graduates, we have those who are smart, intelligent and goal oriented but were just unlucky to graduate with 2:2 or graduated with 2:2 because of the course they studied. I know some school that 2:2 is like graduating with 1st class. We also have another set of graduates who graduated with 2:2 because they were unserious and lazy.

I know some 2:2 graduates who got a job before the 1st class graduates were invited for an interview. I also know some 2:2 graduates who ventured into business after school and they have 1st class and 2:1 graduates now working for them. That you graduated with 2:2 doesn’t mean you can’t succeed or you can’t get a job.

There are some companies that recruit 2:2 graduates but I must tell you the truth, they’re few. Majority of companies don’t recruit 2:2 graduates and one can’t really blame them. Some companies still end up receiving over 100,000 CVs from 1st class and 2:1 graduates for few job opening. You can imagine the number of CVs they will get if they’re to allow 2:2 graduates too to apply.

Let me share few tips with you that can help you get a job as a 2:2 graduate:

1.      Start with a small firm to gain experience, companies are less concerned about grade at experience hire level. You can always switch to a big firm via that channel.

2.     Network, the best and fastest mean of getting a job is through referral.

3.      Put in for professional exam in your field, it can give you an edge even with 2:2 grade.

4.     Be strategic with your job search, banking sector recruits 2:2 graduates than others.

5.     Learn useful software in your career line

6.     Invest in personal development to get every necessary skill

7.      Consider a pro-bono service for a willing firm as that may pave a way for a permanent engagement.

Let me remind you that graduating with 2:2 is not a crime, there’s still a good job out there for you, so don’t give up and don’t write yourself off.

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