To All My Friends And Well Wishers In Lagos State, By Ehia Olu AKHABUE

THIS is just to remind you that the March 18 election is very important for you and me in Lagos State in many ways.
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 The  cosmopolitan nature of the state is the  biggest commercial hub in West Africa; it has really earned the title of “State of Excellence.”
The allure of its diversity is the reason it is a place that we all come and call our home.
For, I  own houses in Lagos. Therefore, I can say categorically that my interest is in Lagos. I do not own a home in my state, Edo. Our family home, which is in Uromi, is where I make as home whenever I visit Edo State. That makes me partly a Lagos boy. For that reason, I should be interested in who the next governor of Lagos should be.
After scrupulous and diligent examination of all the Governorship candidates in the Saturday 18 elections and the various political platforms on which they are driving their ambition, I have arrived at the inevitable conclusion that the Candidate of the Labour Party, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, is a man with profoundly unique qualities that set him apart from the pack.
I know Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour as an architect imbued with the capacity and patriotic energy to reinvent and redesign the new Lagos of our dream with the money of Lagos.
No Alpha Beta to share % of our collective revenue anymore. The state Inland Revenue Board is the legally authorized body to do that job.
The election for the governorship and house of assembly is a contest between an old order which is characterized by corruption and an incoming new order epitomized by the desire for transparency and accountability in governance, which Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour will bring to bear in running the affairs of the State.
Against this background, we have a duty on the 18 of March 2023 to come out and vote out the APC-led government from top to bottom. The suffering of the last 8 years is more than enough. The question you must ask yourself is this:
Am I better off in 2023 than I was in 2015? This is a question you must continually ask yourself and your consciences; for me, the answer is obvious. We should vote for someone who is a pure Lagosian with a clear vision for Lagos State. That person is Gbadebo Rhodes- Vivour.
 I know him and trust him. Hold me personally responsible if he fails. I write to you all because I consider you as friends, progressives, and lovers of Lagos. These people, with a sense of entitlement over Lagos, are political impostors, whose claims to ownership of Lagos is repulsive. I am even more Lagos than most of them.
 General Mobolaji Johnson will be turning in his final resting place, wondering if this is the Lagos he once governed as a military officer. Mobolaje Johnson created the new Lagos houses for the masses of Lagos State. LKJ, my man and a humble person, will also be lamenting in his final resting place.
He built the Jakande housing estates we have today in Lagos state. Can you believe that people paid less than ten thousand Naira for the flats? Precisely,  people paid six thousand Naira per flat.
My humble self and some friends visited Jakande then in 1978, in his Ilupeju home. Mr. S.B. Agboke is still very much alive and can testify to that meeting. I can not remember the other friends who were in our company that day.
I love Lagos and enjoyed living in Lagos; but today, Agberos and thugs have taken over our dear Lagos. This must change and I can assure you that Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has the political will to achieve that goal.
My dear brothers, sisters, and friends, we can not allow these shenanigans to continue in our dear State. I grew up in Lagos, and most of my childhood friends are from Lagos. We must not allow Lagos to degenerate further. Let’s vote for a better Lagos of our dream. A state where we all must obey the laws and orders of the land.
Let me reiterate once more, that Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, is that man who can provide the transformational leadership needed to put Lagos on the path to true redemption.
He is a true son of Lagos. A vote for him is not only a vote for responsible and responsive leadership, but also a vote against recklessness, lawlessness, and gangsterism that define present Lagos under APC.
I urge you to also vote for all Labor Party candidates for the House of Assembly, as the Governor needs to work with a Legislature that can be a partaker in the building of a new Lagos.
Thank you in advance for your vote. God bless every one of you.