The Position Of PDP Constitution On Nomination Of Candidates For LGA Elections, By Elempe Dele

IT has become pertinent that we members of PDP always resort to the Party’s Constitution for guidance especially as we are going towards a tensed era of LGA elections across the state. Whatever needs to be done in nomination of candidates must be done based on the constitution of the Party to avoid unnecessary litigation capable of nullifying the exercise.
*Chapter 8 of the Peoples Democratic Party as amended in 2017*
Nomination of Candidates for Election into Public Offices, Particularly on the Nomination of candidates for LGA elections such as chairmen and Councilors.
50(1) The National Executive Committee shall, subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as ammended), the Electoral Art ( as ammended), and this Constitution, formulate guidelines and regulations for the nomination of candidates for election into public offices at all levels and shall be the choice candidates for the Party for any election and for the Independent National Electoral Commission, or any other authority to whom it may concern, confirming the names of the list of names of candidates of the Party in any elective public office in the federation.
(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter IV of the Constitution, the National Executive Committee shall regulate the procedure for selecting the Party’s candidates for elective offices in the following manner prescribed below:
(e) In the conduct of primaries for the Party’s candidate for member of the  Local Government Council Chairman and House of Assembly, the primaries shall be held at the Local Government Constituency headquarters;
(3) Congress for election of Ward Officers, Councillor candidates and the 3 delegates to Local Government Congress and State Congress, out of which at least one (1) shall be a woman, shall be by direct primaries in which all card carrying members of the Party at Ward levels shall participate;
From the above,  Chapter 8 of the Constitution of the. peoples Democratic Party (As Amended in 2017) on the Nomination of candidates for election into public offices is self  – explanatory and very clear. The Party organizes the elections of candidates into offices even at the LGA levels, they are not handpicked by any single individual, either in or outside goverment.