The Journey So Far, A Poem By Precious I. Amukpo ESQ


Today is the mark of another new year day
For me to roll the dice and a new game play
Filled with new tricks each passing day
To climbing every faced mountain pathway
I shall be victorious today or someday

The path journeyed is a floored cactus runway
With pricks and thorns by the sideway
Many a time, my foot aches and bleed all-day
From exhaustion and worn out shoes okay
The journey ahead is longer than I’ve traveled today

I’ve cried most nights and smiled every morning
I’ve made mistakes which I don’t regret learning
I’ve been rejected many a time but still balling
I’ve believed and made my own reality living
I’ve treasured knowledge more importantly helping

I’ve come thus far in bravery and courage
The help that never came sent the message
Life, a cell of give and take package
Freebies come with entitled hidden mortgage
So far, I understand I’m all I have image

Don’t envy me as I don’t envy your way
To everyone, a different script and pathway
To be actors of good or bad portray
Until we journey home to eternity at grey
A day no one really knows but we pray