The Journey So Far (2), A Poem by Precious I. Amukpo ESQ


Don’t you dare judge me away
If you’ve not walked my walkway
Injury of the journey came a trauma ray
Such that sends one to a medical home stay
To be patronized for the destination slay

Like a chameleon, people change in just ways
Careless who gets hurt in the process phase
To some, it’s a survival skill but I say always
We are humans seeking chances at life staircase
to make our today better than yesterday’s case

Somedays are tiring and I just want to quit it all
From giving myself first aid and CPR call
To keeping the pace and acting all fine tall
And I asked, what if the destination is not so pretty tall?
Why is my path a less travelled hall?

In the journey so far, I’ve learnt
Some women are to lead like men in Skirt
Though the sideways with distracting deceitful expert
But focus and determination breeds the desired comfort
A destination of wise and merry concert.

Though the scorching sun be cruel, it rains in the end test
I’ve seen some light that makes the journey worthwhile a contest
Maybe I’m almost or halfway there at best
Quitting is an enemy of the destination project
Except or otherwise at grey bent.