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Tanzania’s New Healthcare Initiative Sparks Hope In East Africa

TANZANIA’S recent initiative to establish the Regional Centre of Excellence in Transplant and Haematological Sciences in Dodoma has ignited optimism within the East African Community (EAC). Supported by a Concept Note presented at the EAC Sectoral Council meeting, this move aims to tackle critical healthcare needs in the region.

Transformative healthcare potential

The proposed Centre of Excellence is set to play a pivotal role in reducing morbidity and mortality related to haematological complications, significantly improving health outcomes for EAC populations. This initiative highlights Tanzania’s dedication to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and services, paving the way for regional collaboration and progress.


Strategic health advocacy and communication

The EAC’s approval of the Cross-Border Health Advocacy and Communication Strategy for 2024-2030 underscores collective efforts to harmonise health policies and programmes across partner states. By enhancing communication channels and fostering partnerships, this strategy aims to boost accountability, transparency, and access to healthcare services.

Innovative health monitoring

The digitalisation of the 6th EAC Regional Health Scorecard showcases a forward-thinking approach to tracking and communicating healthcare progress. This tool facilitates data-driven decision-making and promotes transparency and accountability among stakeholders in the region.

Addressing emerging health challenges

The development of the EAC Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Strategic Framework and the call to recruit a Senior One Health Expert highlight the region’s proactive stance in tackling emerging health issues. With a focus on reducing premature mortality due to NCDs and enhancing coordination through a dedicated One Health Unit, the EAC is gearing up for a comprehensive healthcare transformation.

Regional collaboration and progress

As the EAC navigates disease outbreaks and global climate changes, Tanzania’s initiative stands as a symbol of progress and collaboration in the evolving healthcare landscape. With key stakeholders from various Partner States supporting these initiatives, the region is set to witness tangible improvements in healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Tanzania’s proposal for the Regional Centre of Excellence and the broader strategic frameworks adopted by the EAC signify a concerted effort towards advancing healthcare in East Africa. By prioritizing innovation, communication, and partnership, the region is charting a path towards a healthier and more resilient future for its populations.

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