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Supply Chain Stress For Cholera Vaccine Eases, Gavi Reports

The resurgence of cholera in Africa has sparked a critical need for more vaccine doses, though shortages have hindered efforts to combat the escalating outbreaks of this deadly disease.

Aurelia Nguyen, Chief Programme Officer of the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, has announced a decrease in pressure on vaccine supplies. Initially strained earlier this year, efforts to boost production are now showing results. For instance, South Korean biopharmaceutical company EuBiologics plans a 30% annual increase in vaccine production through 2025, supported by Gavi’s strategic purchases over several years.

Looking ahead, Gavi anticipates receiving 50 million doses in 2024 and aims for 65 million in 2025. Diversifying suppliers is also crucial; Gavi is collaborating with India’s Bharat Biotech and exploring future partnerships within Africa to enhance vaccine availability


Nguyen highlighted climate change as integral to vaccine strategy, influencing investments in future vaccinations against diseases like dengue fever and those affecting populations displaced by climate-related events.

Aligned closely with the WHO, Gavi remains vigilant regarding new pathogens that may emerge, factoring climate shocks into projections for future vaccine needs. With $500 million earmarked for rapid response to epidemics or pandemics, Gavi ensures swift action upon declaration.

In terms of procurement, Nguyen emphasized Gavi’s commitment to fair pricing without compromising quality, ensuring equitable access globally, from Burkina Faso to Switzerland, upholding confidence in their model by never distributing expired doses.

Through these efforts, Gavi continues to play a pivotal role in safeguarding global health, delivering effective vaccines to vulnerable populations worldwide.

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